Trees and Life

Well it certainly feels like a lot of weight has been lifted off our collective shoulders this morning. I woke up way early and spent a full hour in a state of energetic …I guess it kinda felt like a hug, like love, and very stable which I always appreciate so much.

This on the back of quite a few interesting days, things getting acknowledged, cleared, prioritized, reorganized and so forth. It doesn’t feel so much like we turned a chapter as much as we came home, we woke up, we’re starting to get the hang of this thing.

We successfully sidestepped engaging in some unpleasantness and went right for allowing the energy to clear it. Kudos, my friends, kudos to us all. I’ve been taking a look at some teachings lately. Sitting with my paintbrush, my little canvas and practicing mindfulness. I’ve been remembering to take a few minutes throughout my day to sit still, to breathe, to “bring my mind home to my body” as one of the Teachers suggests. It feels better. I feel more loved, more often and the funny thing is, I’m the one giving that feeling to myself. I heard it said it could be done but somethings you just have to experience firsthand.

You want to know another thing I’ve been taking to heart and looking deeper at? Ancestry. Heritage. The culmination of what makes up these physical bodies. The memories, the victories, the defeats, and so on of our relatives, our kin, strangers connected through time by a similar pattern of expressed genes.

It is interesting. I watched some or other video about the “true history or untold history of fill in the blank”. I can usually pull out a few tidbits of truth but there is also, generally, a whole lot left out. The biggest things that are left out which skew our perception, are those common threads of humanity. We can end up glorifying or vilifying our ancestors based on this or that grand event, just because those stories often fail to include those human qualities we all share, that down to earthness that grounds us and connects us. Like taking baths, washing dishes, raising kids, the soothing sounds of a gentle rain shower, the awe of sparkling rainbows. It is nature that connects us, that bridges our uniqueness with a human collectiveness. And those stories don’t tend to highlight that, but we would be wise to never, ever forget it. Hear me well on that one.

I noticed that the comments section on those things are rife with pride, a surging rush of vicariously felt victory. An onslaught of “my ancestors were badass!” with an implied you better watch out cause that means I’m a badass too. It always makes me wonder… what are they doing in this now that their ancestors so bravely secured for them? Are they continuing the battle already won? Replaying old scripts as if their life is nothing more than a character from an old history book? I can almost see them stuck between the pages, only coming to life when someone decides to read it.

From all that has gone before, you are in this now to create something new. You creating something new does not erase the past, it gives it a reason for being, a reason for the generations down the road to look back and say, whoa, look what they did, let’s try to top it and make things even better! Wouldn’t it be awesome to give our great-great-great grandchildren a planet rich with life and diversity? So many trees and plants growing that the air itself feeds them. Maybe we’ll be watching from some or other heavenly perch and be able to say, hey look what we helped create and continue to feel joy, our life no longer defined by the physical, becomes one observed and joyful moment to the next.

You have this now. You have this beautiful thriving planet in a sea of unformed consciousness, space, particles and waves, sound, light, unlimited potential. It is time to quit fighting over the resources that are here and realize you hold the power, the unlimited Divine resource of love’s energy to grow the most abundant and fruitful Garden ever. Trees that are fifty feet in diameter, streams whose waters oxygenate your blood, revitalize your cells. So many people do not comprehend the gift in front of us. Stop trying to convince them and start replanting. They’ll feel so good, they’ll no longer need convincing.

I sent an email to a dear friend the other day and said something from my little idealistic poetess place. “If we planted ten thousand trees for every one human we’d float.” I’m beginning to think I mighta been on to something there.

Many blessings on our journey and may your week be filled with bliss.

Peace ❤


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