Obstacles & Roadblocks

Roadblocks and Obstacles

We all face them. You know what would be awesome? If we all got a little more proactive in helping each other overcome, heal and grow from them. So much of how the past operating paradigm was designed included the ideas of dog eat dog, every man for himself, and run the race without caring who you step on or how hard. This is deeply embedded in most of the psyche’s you’ll be dealing with on the daily. Overcoming those urges is a highly important component of stepping into, embracing and sharing enlightenment (or ascension, the love revolution, or however you describe and make sense of it).

Many of us, if not all, have been hiding behind a façade and false face to protect ourselves from this race, this mindset of our fellow brethren and sisteren. We either put on that smile and pretend everything is ok, even when it isn’t. Or we act like we’re stronger, faster, in it to win it unbreakable. We have trained ourselves to deny the truth of our emotional landscape and project a false image causing the others we interact with to sense the duplicity and unconsciously respond with a defensive posture, a bit less connected, because that’s what humans do and this perpetuates the cycle of isolation and need for false face. When we project that image of “stronger, faster, better”, it comes with a bit of a challenging stance, a little bit of untruth which also creates a defensive posture in the other. Furthermore, if the person we are interacting with has their own false egoic projection high and tight, yours might conflict with theirs (especially if it is a who’s best type) and will be viewed as threatening to the other’s avatar, false ego, etc.

All of these things are going to make interacting and connecting not feel very fulfilling. That not fulfilling feeling, if not addressed, if the suffering contributing to these frames is not examined and healed, is going to feed a self-perpetuating cycle of yuck.

I read a beautiful and timely article yesterday regarding spiritual bypassing and the need to hold space for each other. Offering each other that chance to heal, to be present with authentic states of being is one thousand percent going to make life more pleasant for everyone. You, being authentic and honest with who, what and how you are does signal others on an unconscious, intuitive, instinctual/gut level. It helps to rewire both yourself and others from the programming of what was. And when you don’t have to deal with switching between real you and the you you’re pretending to be, people trust you, relationships improve and genuine healing has a chance to take root.

This morning I had the plan to make a video. I have pretty shitty video equipment and not a very awesome set up. I bought a heavier duty gaming computer last fall as a present for my son’s golden birthday. He wanted to do some gaming livestream vids and I figured I could use it if I ever got the guts to make videos myself. The damn thing never has worked, and I don’t have the money to try and get it fixed and potentially fail again. So, I figured meh, I’ll make due with my little laptop, keep it brief, not worry too much about quality and just get the message across. Obstacle, solution.

I wanted to do a little training on how to utilize the Akash to help pull needed information into the collective consciousness and anchor it into the crystal grid. A how to for establishing a neutral field, collapse a question into a particle and then “ping” the energy out and read the wave as it comes back. It’s kind of a difficult thing to describe with just words so despite not really liking the whole videographer role, I was going to do it because I think it would be really helpful for people to know how to do this effectively (and see one of the benefits that comes from cleaning up your chakras, your energy blocks, and paying attention to your field). You really can’t get anything close to a neutral field without doing that and without a neutral field, you can’t be sure you’re reading the wave (the subtle energies) accurately. There’s more but that’s the gist. So you can understand why I thought a video would work better, certain mudras and other aspects are just better seen than explained.

I washed my face, got the camera out, set up the light, made a few notes, and while I was waiting for my recording software to load up, roomie gets a call from xfinity. On the regular he is not very pleasant in the AM. I’ve had to develop quite a few techniques and change them often to avoid having my field influenced by his aggressive moods every morning. One time I got the vacuum out and as soon as I felt the energy come present, I started vacuuming. When he came out stomping and throwing a tantrum, it fizzled quickly when he realized I wasn’t going to play and would not be feeding any attention his way. Today the call from xfinity turned into an hour and a half long thing. I finally decided to put the light and the camera away. As soon as I sat down to write, instead of record a video, he left to go run errands. This would be an example of a roadblock. I have a few options for working around the roadblock. But in the meantime, I’ll share this with you.

I’m not in any rush. I’m not competing. My gifts and skills acquired aren’t going to suddenly disappear. So, I sat back and observed. In the past, something like this would have set off a whole slew of victim triggers. A whole arsenal of self-defeating thoughts. The pain of which could have been more quickly addressed if I had a compassionate other holding space. Today, the roadblock gave me an opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come. The message I wanted to send to others about the benefits of clearing those negative patterns is still here, still being delivered, just in a different way than I anticipated. This is what having your heart open to the guidance of the Universe whether it shows up positive, negative or what have you, is all about. Being PRESENT in the circumstance. Growing my soul. Feeding my spirit a way to go, girl, look at you feeling all peaceful and content where you used to get angry and frustrated.


These are the lessons we are here to learn. Being present and authentic about my life, my situation, my current state of affairs, I hope it encourages others to trust that they can overcome those roadblocks and obstacles too. That you can declare and transmute imperfection perfect by way of assessment and perception. This is how “all things work for good for those who love Him”.

And this is life. For real. So be brave because we’re all in this together. And I’m going to sign off now before my internet gets interrupted for the third time since writing this. I love you. Many blessings.




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