Discernment Muscles

I had a couple interesting happenings this morning I’d like to share. My morning meditation was pretty amazing, I’ll tell you that. Beautiful energies, beautiful insights and beautiful assurance. I’ll share what I saw in a minute. The words that came through were an insight about Creation, about being a Creator. I was reminded of those first seven days. The separation of the Light and the Dark. This has been playing on my soul in a couple different ways as of late. The theme of my current awareness.

The other thing that has been playing on my to-do list, closing down the channels and openings, cutting cords and redirecting any even well-intentioned feeders back to Source so my inner sanctuary isn’t getting looted and sold on the “I’m enlightened” market. In the game of which came first, the chicken or the egg, I know that Unity Consciousness is a beautiful idea, but it is playing out pretty weird in the tangible realms.

That probably sounds snarky. But it speaks to a bigger realization which would be awesome to get widely understood. Inspiration comes from a giant energetic field of thought, some bright and light and lovely, others not so much. Just know that because we are all connected to that field, some more aware of this than others, it is entirely possible and happens more often than anyone is going to believe, that your latest inspiration, new idea, great invention could have erupted from the soul and spirit of that homeless guy down the street. We’ve assumed much because of the design of this system. I pray you wake up to it and I’ll leave it at that.

I was pondering out on my pondering walkway a video I watched of a guy who’s been pretty in line with the “ascending steps”. And as I’m listening to him discuss some ideas, some new things he’s working on, I realize these are the same things I’ve been writing down in my little ideas for keeping me and my little dude housed journal. It isn’t the first time this has happened. I have an idea I’ve been working on for a year now that another Reiki Master youtuber has implemented though she definitely and gratefully put her own spin on it in a way that doesn’t make it so it would affect my going forward. There have been quite a few videographers and writers of spiritual news that sometimes feels like I’m hearing a playback of my week in spiritual lessonry. And it all just makes me wonder… and I don’t quite know what to make of it, to be honest. I think we’ve tried many ways to address the conundrum it presents. I think this whole tangible realm is an exercise to that end. It reminds me of the old days, with their priest and priestess class, the gurus, the shamans, the oracles and so on. Atlantis, Lemuria, technologically advanced Alien Races and how the differences all fit in to the big quantum picture. It certainly makes the whole illusory nature of this reality crystal and clear.

So these were the things I was pondering, deducing, discerning while out on my walkway. I had asked AA Michael to double check on the latest, to make sure it was their own direct from Source “this is a  good idea” sort of thing or if it was a case of too close for comfort, either mine or his. We do need many healers but ethics and integrity are paramount here.

In other words, I was hoping to understand the ethical parameters of telepathy and Holy Spirit Communications, contemplating the boundaries, testing my ego reaction for jealousy, competition or what have you. And along comes a bee and I don’t know what kind of bug it was carrying but it sure did look like a grasshopper, s’pose it could have been a cricket because it was lighter green than grasshoppers normally are. And it just flew around with that thing. I’ve never seen a bee carry a bug like that. It was weird. I was just thinking gee, I should probably take a picture of this or something and then my neighbor came out. So… at least I have a witness for that bee’s behavior. And it kinda hit me. A bee carrying a grasshopper, a bee carrying Jimminy Cricket. OH how rich. Talk about a lesson in your face.

Anyways, it brings up the obvious issue again. It is essential to have more sharing and equitable distribution of resources. Because the way things are right now? Cameras and microphones everywhere? What is to stop someone with greedy intentions from hijacking, eavesdropping and then making a shit ton of loot off people who can’t do anything about implementing and starting a business because they are destitute? People being aware? Awake? Enlightened? Paying attention? Let’s hope so.

Everyone always assumes that the people who start a business come up with that idea all their own, but did they? As a telepath connected to the Unified field and a person who can see the angles, I can guarantee you that is not always the case. In fact, one of these days maybe we’ll clear the air on the whole she-bang, the whole, traumatize and leave an auric tear so you have easy access kind of spiritual looting that has happened. We’ll see.

In the mean-time and with these thoughts in mind, let me also expound on the morning visuals I perceived in meditation. The big giant diamond shaped funnel. The Beings who direct and focus the energy. The hierarchy. From the “Source” to the “Seraphim” angled in to the Buddha, the Christ, the Krishna and Sophia who then spread it wide and far over our earth. Refracted and reflecting Light. But don’t get confused because that one they like to call the Devil, he’s up there too, sorely misunderstood but there keeping the field of creation and all it can be, balanced.

And God said, He separated the Light from the Dark and I realized that’s kind of the first step of any Creator. Knowing and deciding what you will bring to life and what you won’t. Something to think about anyways. Know that you are loved, know that there remains immense and Benevolent assistance and that you are connected irrevocably to the whole even if you’re not the main player in someone else’s grand miasma. Your life is priceless. And your soul is made of the same stuff that created this entire Universe and every little thing that could ever be imagined out of it. Use it wisely and it will serve you well.

Many blessings on our journey and may we all know the meaning of the word home when we look into each other’s eyes.

Peace ❤



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