Remember This Face

Let’s see if we can unpack this a little bit to settle the confusion. Let’s fully embrace the spiritual lesson this moment in my life is offering to those who are trying to figure this spirituality, this holographic potential, this road to peace out.

I realize some of my Divine Masculine counterparts felt some confusion. The questions came. This is also an answer to them. And a -why- for rising above the battle cries and the desire to fight. The desire to fight goes away quickly when you expand. If you don’t feed the evidence of injustice, engage, call to arms, it ceases to exist. You are the only power in this Universe. Your conscious attention IS where all the energy in the Universe flows. If you do not feed that hungry wolf, that wolf dies. That is Universal Law in a nutshell.

We have been exposed to a reality, a way, a path to understanding the nature of things so thoroughly we no longer see it as a matter of belief but of fact. Buried deep within and underneath and hugely surrounding that picture of reality are an infinite number of other possible structures. But like a path through the woods that has been worn down from travel so that nothing grows there any longer, this belief in material “this is how it is” has become the fast route through the woods and most people don’t even see the rest of the forest any longer, they only see that one path so many travel on.

But yet, the rest of the forest also remains. You can put yourself anywhere within that forest and carve your own path. The question is why aren’t you? It’s gotten really easy to take the worn down one. Does that worn down one lead to water or do you no longer care where you’re going? Why? When was the last time you sang a song from your soul instead of repeating one someone else composed? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to dance out there in the middle of the woods without worrying if someone would watch and judge or care? Just to feel it. For absolutely no other reason than the rush of limbs embraced by music only your soul can hear?

You see, I am aware of the many stories this denial of this particular form of resources projects. I am aware that it doesn’t actually make sense in a rational, ordered world. I am aware that it can be perceived as injustice, as fuel for gaslighting, as fodder for all sorts of self-entitled delusions. I am aware of the conspiracy storylines. I just don’t think that’s a very pleasant way to view the world. So why go there?

From a spiritual perspective, I looked at my urges related to this. I didn’t focus on the originator of the paper sent to my house. I looked at the feelings within. What was coming up. I examined the urge to get angry, to feel victimized, to place blame, shame, guilt or rage outside of myself. And then I sat in silence with each of these little sufferings, I observed the emotions, the intensity, the desire to rail, swear, plot, avenge. I observed what those emotions would or could fuel and what the likely outcome of that fuel would be. I examined my impulses and checked them against what I know of peace and love.

Rather than allowing the urges to dictate my course of action, I waited. I looked for the examples of false ego this presented. The limited world-view. The stories attached to these beliefs. None of those things feels better than accessing my power and over-writing the rejection. Removing my vote from the lack matrix, the concept, the small-minded version of reality that would have me believe my fate is somehow tied up, life or death granted, by bureaucracy. The bureau of “we get to decide what reality is real”?

Why the fuck would any sane person do that? I live in the land of the free. The land of the brave. Somewhere along the way we forgot what that actually means. It means I am free -within- to imagine something even better and set to work bringing it to fruition. The well-worn path is there and if I don’t like it, I am free to chart a new course. I am free and I will feel free in equal proportion to how brave enough I am to say, “Hey I have something to offer, it is both worthwhile and valuable!” I can choose to be the real, genuine, joyful me that I actually am. I can be the example. Having the ability to innovate new ways of expressing my humanity, my inalienable right to change my perspective, is a gift I will not squander by spending another day feeling sorry for myself. I did that. The fruit of that tree doesn’t leave you full.

So yea, in a logical, ordered world when the doctor the social security administration sends you to says not to worry, the case is pretty clear but you still get the denial letter in the mail, you don’t have to wonder anymore who’s running the show. It isn’t logic, it isn’t bureaucracy, it is my Higher Self, my soul, MY LIGHT saying … be brave, you deserve better than this and being labelled “disabled” isn’t very becoming of a Goddess.

I’ve seen enough to understand the workings of quantumality, of the Akash. I’ve seen enough to understand that reality isn’t what we thought it was and that being brave is exactly what the doctor of my soul has ordered. If I be here to set the captives free, it only makes sense I start with myself.

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