sayonara 3D and thanks for all the…

I’m going to sit here and try to explain the unexplainable again. It seems to be my favorite pastime. So… my “3D” world decided we don’t need each other anymore. What I was, those anchors and back up and just in cases, they are dissolving. Probably already dissolved. No more beholden. Deep Breathe.

I used ta be… walking between worlds, holding bridges, shining lights in dark places, around corners, through windows on the forgotten. And now I AM. Funny, I never thought of myself as someone who pulled the doubting Thomas card but I guess I did. The intention though, the intention was to clear, pave, and make it is easier for the others whose hearts can’t stand the thought of anyone being uncomfortable. That’s the only reason to take the doubters stance, to present ample opportunity for soothing of every little nook and cranny of fear. I’ll go ahead and give myself credit where credit is due and thank everyone who helped accomplish that.

It’s been an intense few days, for those who are energy aware. The last of those cords, anchors, doubts, agreements, illusions, they are all being dissolved. No more pretending. No more pretending spirituality is one thing, the real world another.

It hit me pretty hard and I shed some deep, soul level tears. Denied social security. Denied a back-up, a connection to the way things were. Can’t hold on. Can’t pretend.

So here I am and here we are.

Ironically, I was trying so hard to use my gifts, offer my gifts without having to interact with people too much. It’s actually super funny from this side of the lesson. What my latest round of life review has been opening my eyes to. I don’t have wee little healer gifts, I have big ones. I can hear the sounds, the frequencies of different body systems. What muscles sound like, tendons, the pancreas, the bones, the cells that do this, that and the other… they all have their special song. This isn’t the sort of thing I should be hiding away because once upon a time someone said I was weird or crazy or zealous.

I’ve had to come to terms with the facts. Burn out the egoic “not-facts”. I was convinced so I continued operating under the assumption that because that once upon a time person did not see value in my abilities, everyone else I’d encounter would feel the same. I had accepted as truth, as viable potential that these gifts and skills in themselves weren’t awesome. So I way undervalued myself. What I come with. Who I came here to be. Where my heart has always been leading me towards through every trial, test, initiation and stand-off. I’ve been playing small. I’ve been playing mouse in the corner when I am every bit a cat.

I have no reason to doubt anymore. In the depths of those tears, I called out in the etheric, I called out in real time, and I sat back and accepted the love, the healing and the buoying that was right there waiting, encouraging, actually-truly-bonafidedly loving ME. And my heart sang with joy at the opportunity (excuse) in front of me. To bring these abilities all the way out to the Light and truly offer them for others.

I am loved. We can put that doubt to rest now. I am skilled and trained in advanced energetic healing. We can put that “what should I do for a living bullshit” to rest now. I am a conceptual artist of the spiritual realms, bringing life and form to “even better”. We can put that fear of my own power to rest now. My heart has been found true. By me. I am whole. I am expanded in my connection and awareness of you.

So it begins…

I’m fine-tuning with plenty of Guidance, an easier way to deliver healing dispensations on a personal level. One that I can feel comfortable with and know that those I help will be honored and held in sacred protection as they wake, embrace, heal and expand. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you know where to find me.

Many blessings on our journey ❤


3 thoughts on “sayonara 3D and thanks for all the…

    1. Thank you! I’m over in Washington state but for energy healing it isn’t necessary to be in the same location. Our bodies are designed to be very self-regulating perfect little wonders. Generally, illness or discomfort comes from energy blocks. It’s our Spirit’s way of letting us know something isn’t right in Kansas. In a healing session, I would assess your field, see or feel where the blocks are and remove them and then infuse your field with a higher frequency. One of my classmates gave a really good example of how it works and why energy matters so much. You know how when a deer is injured, let’s say they’re getting old and they lie down unable to go on anymore. They’re still alive but the vultures and others of that ilk will come close and wait because they sense the change. Once the deer is actually deceased, the lack of vibration lets other creatures know it’s time to return the body to earth and will come to do their job. When we get energy blocks, it signals our proteins and cellular regeneration to do other things than what it can when our full life force energy is flowing fast and free from God or Source (as some call it) unencumbered. Shoot me an email if you want to give it a try. We can just do a sample aura cleanse or something simple so you can see how it works. I love doing it so don’t hesitate, the energy goes through me first so I always get the healing I’m giving too!! ❤ Many blessings


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