Egoic Purge

The inner realms are interesting, aren’t they? The culminating synthesis of all our currently perceived sensory experiences as funneled through all the memories stored in our mind’s warehouse, highlighted and shadowed and defined by whatever journey the soul has taken, how many ever times it’s taken one. Understanding, utilizing and expanding those perceptions, those meaningful glimpses into something fruitful for yourself and hopefully relatable and fruitful for others is the art of spirituality. In my humble opinion.

When we move beyond the veils of the mind, things can get tricky, communication with language can be a hang-up, hold up, thorn in the side. People generally process linguistic information through the mind. If they have their imagination muscles still working, they’ll be able to perceive pictures and images based on your descriptions. If they have their heart’s open, an inner dialogue well under way, they’ll get some feedback from within about why a certain something or other is showing up and whether or not it is helpful food for their own journey. Everything is helpful food for your journey, it’s just that sometimes you may not be hungry, sometimes you may have developed preferences. Both of which are okey, dokey.

I was pondering the other night, in my little pondering cave. The whys and hows of what have been called dimensions. My quirky little jokester self has organized the knowing a bit less starchy than I’ve seen it put elsewhere. The dimensions according to the storyline I’ve been perusing, I’ll share them in a bit and hope you see the humor.

I guess the impetus to clarify some pathways in my old noggin came from reading a comments section on some or other video I watched. The strange way people curse each other. The rigidity ridge versus flowity flow of different sorts. It’s interesting how much my reaction has changed. I don’t know if I’d even say there is a boatload of compassion welling up so much as complete disinterest. Which, considering what I know, is actually a form of compassion by way of … they’ll figure it out. Behind their closed doors. Just like I did. When I was slamming doors on different. I choose to compassionately offer you the necessary and solitary steps towards Sovereignty we all eventually decide to take. One way or the other.

I watched someone describe their first experience getting Reiki. And then I watched Russel Brand doing a Kundalini yoga short little how-to. You can imagine, with that subject matter in mixed company, the predictability of responses.

There was talk of possession and lower level entities and such and so on. You know the old stories. I remember that fear all too well. Ghost stories, and “or else” stories, things used on children. Classical conditioning in the empirical sense of the phrase.

I had to consider whether or not I still believed in possession and I realized, gladly, that those underlying truthy truths I once discovered, were still there, more well expounded now. One soul per body. Nothing else is actually – in terms of physics – possible. I used to think it might be possible, now I realize, it isn’t and can’t be. Souls are unique and the spaces they occupied are forever altered. The Universe, by their existence, is forever propelled new. Irrevocably assigned. “Those 2 dimensional beings will possess you if you do yoga.” 2 dimensional, as in characters in a story cause that’s what 2 D is. Not form. Line on a paper. Of all the things to be a’feared of…

Your field, that energetic cycling magnetic whirling force, now that shit can become affected, possessed if you must use that word. Like a tire that can get stuck in deep, wet mud. That is precisely why we are consistently urged to keep the leaven out of the bread, to keep our hearts in line with right thinking, right action, free of attachments. There is a distance from which your magnetic field cannot be affected by another magnetic field in terms of auric integrity. There is being tuned into the larger magnetics of the planet you live on that helps with that as well, the washing of the debris, the “not you” residuals. You are highly unique. You are utterly unique. There is and can be no other. Ever. Not duplicatable. That’s the beautiful marriage between Soul and Earth. Between God and Goddess. Mother. Father. Us. Nothing by any means can harm you. The YOU that is REALLY you.

Once you’re in tune with your soul, the rest is history. You are quantumly entangled with none other than yourself. A lot of effort has been made through the ages to get people tuned into their soul, their inner Light, the Kingdom of God within. And anytime a lot of effort is made towards anything, you’re going to see the evidence of change, the residuals, the place before it was changed, the remnants of the difference. The tire tracks, the footprints, the wake in the water, evidentiary velocity.

I had a dream about an ex-lover, an ex-love, an ex-soul mate, a used to be my one and only. My curves and angles all changed. Once upon a time, I had laid my head on his chest and heard a distant realm. I told him I didn’t know which reality was real. He told me to see a shrink. He was a’feared for my sanity. They didn’t know. I didn’t know. One soul per body does not mean one reality per soul. His reality was quite different from mine. I have not found a man yet that can encompass the fullness of my embrace. He was the anti to my Christ. And now I’ve been pulling cushions off the couches and chairs and building a little fort in the living room, sleeping on the floor. Solitary. Free. This vibe or leave me be. From the latest Lucifer to my Grace. So it is.

I’ve left in the dust many, many things, people, places, ideas that no longer served my soul. I am highly selfish that way. I’m highly I don’t give a fucking fuck, that way. I’ll leave you to your curses, don’t think I won’t. The Goddess is also a Great Green Dragon and man can she blow.

Oh, I am a weird one. The weirdest of the weird. I’m out riding on hot air balloons and cutting cords kinda weird. Here are the dimensions in story form. I can also deliver it via archetype, event, and myth.

  1. The sound created light
  2. The word put forth to write
  3. The form against all might
  4. Expanded now beyond, dark light
  5. Free for a minute I think we got it right
  6. Oh but to be free of this light
  7. Oh but to be free of this night
  8. Oh but to be free of this right
  9. Oh, we did it. Yay, we be!
  10. Now let me check your answers, now let me see
  11. Come a little closer here now honey bee
  12. Mama’s home with the counsel of three
  13. Let it be
  14. Or a second ride through heaven’s holy dale it’ll be
  15. You can’t stop time, you can’t catch me
  16. Oh but I can because you are me
  17. I left them, I left them alone and they died!!
  18. It’s only a dream the wicked witch cried
  19. Face to face we meet at last
  20. Here comes your King and he’s riding in fast
  21. Black Jack burning no need to go further
  22. Oh you silly one, you did, 1001 lotus now you must pin
  23. 5 x 5 the realm of the djinn
  24. Upgrade that shit from the tin of the wind
  25. And so on and so on and so on and in
  26. Now the world of illusions begins
  27. Heavenly three return the reign of the bee
  28. Why are you still going, it’s me it’s me
  29. Blood moon rising
  30. Still fucking pour
  31. Out the wrath
  32. Cause they want it more and more and more
  33. Just shut the door already.
  34. Oh look! It’s seven again. This time keep Michael away from the whore.
  35. Now you’re done, now you have the floor.
  36. Pick up sticks, Tesla didn’t know what he was talking about

The spiral has no beginning because It has no end because it isn’t actually a spiral. You can’t seal my fate cause fate rhymes with hate and I only got love for you baby. Mad, mad love.

Bless those who curse you, there is no other way.

Separate the wheat from the chaff and let your seed free.


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