Oh Grandfather, he said…

You’re not going that way. The path has already been made clear. Come. Here. Children, Come. Where did you stumble thinking you had to hold that massive conductor’s wand, or become the only light in the Universe? Never alone. Never needed, only desired. Sweet nectar, fruit from the Almighty Tree. Come. Children, come.

Where have you been? Walking so needlessly through brambles and thistles when a way has been made right before you? Come, Children, Come. Let go of your knowing so you can breathe, so you can be un-known. That is where new creations play. The playground. The garden of sprouting flora, fauna and all things you have yet to see. Seeds planted in the dark, rich soil. Do you think if you finally know what kind of seed you are, if you finally have a thing to occupy your mind it will all fall in to place and that’s when you will blossom, bloom to our delight? Get out of you mind, away from your knowing, suckle like a babe for that is much closer to the truth of who and what you are.

To feel love, to be love is not to “knowledge” love into a million tiny pieces. Expressing the knowing is describing information, it is separate from awareness even if only slightly. And you are too close to that which cannot be named, will never be named, contained, siphoned now. OK?

Let’s say you’re sitting on a river. Just a floatin away. Happy, lazy summer sunshiney day. You, relaxing and floating on an innertube, air buoying from the drench. Once you are already on that river, enjoying yourself, do you really need to gather all the other tubers to describe the experience? Teach on the art of free floatin down the river, how to let the water carry you and smile, smile, smile? Maybe bring out some diagrams and talk about the physics of air, water and displacement so everyone understands how it is possible they are floating, moving, carried with the warm sunshine on their faces, the laughter of children of all ages in their ears, the refreshing cool stream beneath their hiney’s?

Are there watchers standing on the shore? Over there? Standing still while you’re moving with the swiftness of the water? In the five seconds it takes for you to pass out of their line of sight, what is it you wish to convey and why do you feel the need to? Enjoy the sunshine on your face, the energizing rush of being one with the moving water. Let them observe as you once observed before you hopped in to take your ride. You’re riding now, so ride. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine, the love of the oneness. When the ride is over and they ask you how it was, feel free to share your stories. And you, who haven’t even stood at the shore to watch, don’t take the word of those standing there on what is taking place in there. Vicarious river rafting? Come, now.

We shout out to each other when fast rapids approach. We talk of them after we’re through and the water is calm, moving, but calm again. Do you get the full picture from listening during the five seconds it takes us to pass? Are they running now on that shore, to keep up with the dialogue of us on the river, taking pictures, admiring our nerve and delight?

Are you looking at those pictures? Starting to realize what you might be missing? Is it safe? Did someone from the shore come from down river to warn us rafters of impending danger? Are they certain what they saw when they were there will be there when we get there?

Ah, spirituality, the Kingdom of God. It is like a blessed ride down a lazy river that sometimes moves swiftly so I don’t fall asleep. With the sun and the air and the trees and the sky. Good times. These are good times. I’m gonna ride whether you do or not. The water is fine. The sunshine even better. And my heart is beating. Buh bump. Buh bump. Buh bump. Hoka Hey. Today is today.


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