Happy News!!!

Oh how far we’ve come!!

We take the good, we take the bad, we transmute it into something even better and there you have the facts of renewed life. I am content and released in a way I didn’t realize possible. Excited calmness, touching ecstasy, knowing bliss, maturing to use them wisely. Earth itself is growing and glowing. Enlightened. The Center has been established. Light now pours both from within and without. A fresh canvas, loads more colors, freedom in the creative endeavor. The lotus has blossomed.

What a beautiful day. Breathe it in. You are Holy Light. You are Holy Spirit. You are Wholly Light. You are Wholly Spirit. Release it all. Breathe in the entire cosmos. Breathe out the entire cosmos. Nothing but love, love, love. We have arrived.

I had a happy happening. I was invited to submit for an anthology for emerging writers a few months back. Found out a couple weeks ago that two of the pieces were accepted. And then I waited to say anything because I had to integrate the happy. We’ve come so far. Good, bad and ugly all gets processed the same way. I am learning to accept miracles. Accept and receive love. I’ve been holding not love back for so long, sometimes us old guard forget and the reminders of the new, new are so deeply appreciated thank you just doesn’t quite cover it.

So!! Happy news, right!? Someone’s putting my words in print!! Yay!!! When I got the file to do the editing, I ended up reading the whole thing. And I had to take a step back. Calm my nerves. The talent was a bit overwhelming. To see who I was among after where I’ve been, the sense of being blessed is quite moving. It moved me.

I like the way these folks are doing things. I remember when I finished my memoir and attempted getting an agent to get actually published. Interacting with those gatekeeper wannabe’s was infuriating. Because of where I came from. Because of all the healing I was trying to do from the shock and trauma of being homeless, still feeling so despised for it before I understood the underlying reasons. Before I had taken stock of the actuality of the inner conditions and beliefs that left me vulnerable to that experience.

A healthy society supports their artists, writers and musicians, the filters, mirrors and inspirational feedback to what ails you to support your growth, check your progress, understand and see the collective inner realms. Tangible Soul Medicine. In the old paradigm, way too many were being hand-picked and paraded around for supporting the status quo, the same old, same old narratives thrust in your face and people were losing the good vibes, the creative genius within, stopped reaching because of it. This group is reaching out to the unheard voices and lifting them up, giving them a place to shine and you an opportunity to peruse, to taste something new and it is a beautiful thing.

We get paid through an affiliate link. I’ll have to do some adjusting of the blog layout, (hopefully that isn’t too complicated for this old bird) so I can keep the link somewhere easy to access. I really hope you’ll get the books I have a little spot in, but I’ll get a percentage of any sale of any thing on their site if you use my link to get there. I think in business they call this a triple win. 🙂

In any case, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s been keeping my head up, my heart in the right direction and buoyed my hope when it waned. I am honored to be spending time on planet Earth with you. I was literally eating out of dumpsters four years ago and today I’m here to say thank you from the bottom of my everything for reminding me how much better we all deserve.

Many blessings. Many, many infinite blessings.

Here are the links, please shoot me a message if you are interested in helping me spread the word a little further.

Minnesota’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction

Minnesota’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction

Z Publishing House, Publishing for the Future (yay! 🙂 )



4 thoughts on “Happy News!!!

    1. thank you thank you and you wanna hear something even coooooler… one of the stories was the one you had a hand in inspiring in me 🙂 Jayson and the Stranger and you know what else??? I got the email saying I was accepted on your birthday!! Ah, now that’s some joy there – thank you for being in my life, you boosted it a thousand fold Dear One. Truly. It is an honor. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WOW!!! No Synchronicity or Coincidence there at all! Lmao. And truly an Honor here as well, Thank you. You inspire me greatly and others. Much JOY for sure and cannot wait till they are published!

        Liked by 1 person

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