The Simple & The Profound

Happy Tuesday, it’s the last day of July. The summer seems to be flying by. So… an interesting thing happened and I’m trying to work out how to talk about it. I’ve had a lot of interesting things happen that don’t always seem as spectacular to other people. Isn’t that how it is? We have these massive insights, these magnanimous moments that rock our world and like a child bringing a new discovery to their parents we’re not always met with the pomp and circumstance the event seems to warrant.

There tends to be two camps, two reactions that I’ve largely experienced, in response to my Holy Hannah moments. One is doubt or dismissal, the other accusatory as if by sharing them I am invoking an ego that wills to swallow the other. And my inner child either turns into a smart-mouthed teenager real quick, or walks away feeling somewhat confused, isolated, small and silent in response.

I never intend a spiritual one-upmanship. My family always kinda took it that way. Got either weirdly competitive or scared and shut it down, shut me up, refused to see me any other way than slightly defective or as my sister used to say “special” (and she never meant special as in precious). I suppose it is time I dig a little deeper and heal these wounds.

The other day I was having a dialogue with some Beings, with some consciousness that were not physically present in the traditional sense. That sounds weird. How to make it sound less weird? Most Galactic Beings (humans included though they don’t utilize it as often) are telepathic and communicate in this way. I was having a telepathic dialogue with my homies. Does that sound less weird?

I have a playful nature. I’m a giant kid inside whom God is showing his treasures to. We play. I like the word God, even though it triggers some people, but let’s not digress. So I was having a conversation with my telepathic homies and told them the next crop circle should be a personal one. I’ve asked for a few in the past in response to certain things and not been disappointed. This one I asked to be personal. I don’t know why. I’m a big kid inside, little Heavenly Star Baby.

Last night, quite out of the ordinary for me, I ended up checking a message on that which will no longer be named and came across a post with a picture of a crop circle. Goddess symbol, the poster called it. Ahhhhh you clever telepathic homies. Wonderful!!! I love it! That’s my actual response. Yay! And the desire to go Look! LOOK! How cool is that!!!?? To no one who is listening cause I still feel somehow excluded from the cool kids club.

I showed my roomie. He doesn’t have a tendency to appreciate or fully comprehend or know what to do with the beauty of some of these experiences. I reminded him of my morning and evening alignment thing, it’s hard to describe exactly but I put my hands up, send my concerns, gratitude, and love up and wait to receive what’s coming down, usually a color, sometimes other things, (within the last week, I sent up a pearl, didn’t realize it until I saw it go into a Giant Hand attached to a BEING that seemed quite pleased, if a little surprised, to receive it) and then my arms come down in a big sweeping circle, hands pointed towards earth directing the energy, the gifts, into the crystal grid. It is my everyone stand back so I can talk to my dad and make sure we don’t fuck up moment. Every morning. Every night.

I also had to point out, because roomie’s first reaction was to question the validity of who and how crop circles were made, that no matter who did it or how it was done, I asked “the Universe” for something and here it is. ON HONEY STREET!!! Which after four years I still have to explain the relevance and meaning of. I declared how much more miraculous it would be if it was a group of humans responding in that way. How much more amazing had they heard and attempted a response of that magnitude!

And then we moved on to other things because that’s how life works. Time doesn’t stop, the dishes don’t suddenly wash themselves because you have a beautiful and extraordinary experience. It does give you a little glow, a little assurance, an inner joy and pleasant smile while you’re doing them. And that’s why I decided to share it today. Because we get to do dishes on planet earth. We get to experience the simple and profound, create the simple and profound. For each other and with each other. And it makes our lives richer for it.

I love you. May we all have many blessings on our journey and celebrate often, the many examples of love that abide.


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