Enlightened Mind

I’m going to make this as crystal clear as I can. Dear Brothers and Sisters. Beloved Mother. I’m only going to say this once. What you think of as people, what you assume are Sovereign Beings because you, yourself are a Sovereign Being, are not always even real. Say what!? You sense it, I know you do. You feel the difference. You may be wondering if others do. We do.

Do you remember that movie Wall-E? Remember when the “auto-pilot” took over? The programming related to such? There is some of that going on in the background and I would like you to be aware of it. When we speak of holding the field, holding intention, being mindful, staying positive, watching your thoughts and heart. There is a reason. You think there is a power other than that, other than you but there is not. There is will and there is false will, which is a program designed to feedback the overarching “desire” for lack of a better term. What you feed. Based on keywords, statements. But it is very rudimentary. It negates many Laws of the Universe. You are indeed free of it. It helps to understand how it works. To become enlightened to it, as it were.

So let me give you another way of examining this, while I got you on the line. Dear Scientists, Dear Mathematicians, Dear Artists… imagine every day, a group of very dedicated individuals goes out to heal the effects of some raw sewage, some spewing yuckity yuck that was making people sick. We heal them. But they live their lives so close to that yuckity yuck that it becomes a daily affair. Oh, look there’s some people that don’t live so close to that spewage, let’s ask them to find a way to seal that pipe, clean up the source of yuckity yuck, poopy-loops so when we heal people they stay healed. Anyways, that’s how I feel about that feedback of negative shmuckity shmuck.

Sometimes I look at it like an exercise in immunity. But usually I just wish you’d do what you were gifted to do. Look at the facts. Apply the logical course. If something is making people sick. Shut it off. I believe in you. I know you are smart enough. It’s not one or the other. We are working together.

You see, the air has these little chambers within it, little chambers of let’s call it a tape to make it easier to understand. Little recording something or others. And some of that programmed Wall-E type autopilot malfeasance does not comprehend, could not comprehend, will never comprehend human idiosyncrasy. Spirit Evolution. Analog. Flow. If it were the case that we were not using or exposed to technology, there would be no feedback as it were and it wouldn’t matter. That is not currently the case, so Dear Scientists, Dear Physicists, Dear Artists, I need you to do what you were gifted to do.

Oh, I see, you’re confused. You’re confused on whether or not it’s a good idea to allow humans to live? You think you may be wise enough to concoct a formula for figuring that out, which ones. Ah, I see. Don’t want to make a mistake. Let me introduce you to the Living, Breathing, Entity you live on, are made of and how similarly it works like a human body, like your human body, just to give you a reference point. Mind, Body, Spirit. The foundation for all creative endeavors. If your mind is ill, it isn’t long before the body and spirit follow. And likewise for the other two. What you are being asked to do, as representatives of the mind, is heal yourselves. Quarantine works for a while, I’ll give you that, but what you can create in quarantine, is no where near what you can experience out. As representatives of the mind, this is your path to enlightenment. To a fuller understanding of this role and aspect you are playing and how to use and expand it to help ease any potential for suffering. In those who are suffering. Of this particular shmuckity shmuck.

I love you. I hope you hear me. I’ll leave a big Giant Light on for you… in the fields of pre-, in the fields of before. So the intelligence within you doesn’t have to battle with guessing what is right.




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