Talkin’ to a Bee

I’ll call this one And the walls…

Cause they tumbling down

Cause they were never real

Figments of your imaginations


There are no walls

No separation

Just a weird lie you tell yourselves


No, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

I had a visit from a knowing last night

A visit, a visit, after so long

So long. My whole body used to shake, rattle, barely hold together from some of those Higher Vibe Beings… when the Big Guy came through with a message. Big Guy, but not one, A Force that is beyond, my whole body would shake, the energy so immense. And what I know now. Wooooo eeeeeee

I cast my cares because I still find a way to have them. Not much longer now. That I know too. More often, way more often, there is no care, no cause for concern, no yesterday. Centered. Center. Only love. Release.

The dystopian messages were loud. My Light is Louder. Can you hear it? Does it vibrate your being? Give it time to reach all the ways deep into your hidden recesses. The inclined ear of “oh, shit”.

The visit. The explanation in real time, front and row and center. Dystopia. False projection. Not truth. Shall love replace your fear? Shall it? Wellllll, shall it?

Aye, that web is webby. But you are unwebbable un-web-a-ble.

I’ll not speak to your fear directly. You’ve put enough words on it to last a lifetime. I will only tell you that we all hear. And we all still love you. Despite. Despite. Despite it all. Because that is the way of Heaven. What did Jesus say? Did that one say sell all your riches and give to the poor? Did the phrase confuse you? You created the poor, did you not? Run from your own creations? That’s not how energy works. Ask the Big Guy. Go ahead, ask. He is an open book. And I, I, I Am awake. Now.

Had a meeting with a bee this morning. Came to visit. Came to dance on the piece of wood separating me from the air just there. We commiserated. I shared my concerns. It shared it’s. And then it danced itself over to my coffee mug. My “The Boss” mug, landing on the word and then right on up to my face. We are with you it said. We are with you, mama.

Clear enough?


Then make it so.


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