I love you but…

I love you but I’m not going backwards. I love you but I’m not exchanging freedom for your decrees. I love you but everything I say can come to be so I will not entertain your thoughts, not even for a moment. I love you but…

Let me tell you a story about a man named Jed, poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed… nah, just kidding. It’s a story about a group of something or others travelling through the vast expanse of space. Along came a place, not like the rest. How to extract information from nothing? How to read the codes of infinitely invisibly not naked nakedness? How to reconstruct the history of a place, a people?

Let’s say you came upon a vhs tape. Or perhaps an old 8-track and you really, really wanted to know what on earth is on the thing. Perhaps it’s a thousand years in the future, perhaps it’s 20,000 and you have no idea a’tall if this is new technology or ancient; advanced, useful or otherwise. So you set about designing yourselves an instrument with which to uncover and extract the information contained therein.

You build a vcr. You build a projection system. You watch the tapes. You wonder.

You build an 8-track player. But there is only sound, no light, no projection. You listen. You wonder.

What is the meaning behind the recordings? What is their significance? Who were these people, these beings, these creators of such and what was their motivation?

The human body, as designed, works in a similar fashion. It is able to extract, record and relay information held in the Akashic fields where it exists. Other bodies in other places, extract, record and relay information held in the Akashic fields where they exist. IN the realms of consciousness. In the grand vastness of it all, of the ALL.

Pure conscious creating. Purity of form. Instrument or conductor. Can you create form if you are not form? Surely, you can. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Peace ❤


5 thoughts on “I love you but…

    1. Thank you ❤ I know I'm behind on catching up on your other postings …. gotta stay in the flow to get all my peeps thru this and then I'll catch up with the rest. Just wanted to make sure you knew I was not ignoring or not noticing cause I'm a butthead or something. Love ya!! Peace ❤ 🙂

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