The Train, The Card Game & The Short-cut

So many times, in my mind’s eye, I’ve sat at the etheric table, the betting table, the grand card game to end all card games. I’d stand behind the me sitting at the table. I’d take a seat. I’d stubbornly keep on betting on humanity. I’d let it ride. I’d put it all in. I’d stare those motherfuckers down.

The vastness of this change. This new new. This now now. Last night I was the one dealing the cards.

Today I woke up and the world was brand new. I see how vastly the energies have transformed and prepared for this time. I see we are one. I hear the angels singing and by angels I mean you.


I was standing outside, contemplating if I should write today, what needs to be said, what I want to say and looking for the meeting in the middle. I saw a shadow pass on the parking lot below. A hawk flying overhead. Usually I hear them. They call from the field. Today, it came close and silent but the shadow, it made me look up.

Let me provide a more direct and helpful way to look at these energies, to use them robustly and not get looped, though I strongly feel not a single one of us will. We have arrived. Nonetheless, here is the metaphor I was given. You may need to use it to help another, most likely my saying it here, will be enough. That’s how it works.

Imagine you are walking across an expanse of land. Perhaps it is a desert and the sun is hot. But you see the city and the water and the friendship and it’s so close now your body has begun to relax, your footsteps bounce a little with the joy of your arrival. There is roughly two miles to go, give or take. Between you and that wonderous homestead you peep, that sweet relief and celebration just there, not even the other side of the horizon anymore, is a train.

This train. It loops a giant circle a mile in diameter. This train, between you and your destination. The train is such that you cannot go through it to keep walking in a straight line. You either walk around it or you get on this side and ride to the other, which will shorten the distance you have left to travel by half.

Here’s the catch with this here train. On this train is a whole lot of people from your past. Events, situations, circling, circling all aboard that train. You embark. You brave the old with new eyes. You see how some have made that looping one mile wide journey their only home. They’ve decorated the cars, they’ve taken jobs on that train, they’ve set up house and shop and settled in for the long haul to nowhere.

The passengers from your past. Maybe friends, maybe lovers, maybe family, maybe memories, they see you sitting, not getting comfortable, paying attention to when your stop on the other side, directly one mile from where you got on, is. Staying alert. Refusing the refreshments, not wanting to get sleepy or distracted. You hear the stories with half an ear so you don’t miss the sound of the bell which will signal the stop, the time to get off.

You may hear tales of how awesome the train is, how neverending the buffet is, and it is, in some ways, pleasant to see your old friends, to be awash in the ease of routine conversations and roles, knowing nothing of this new land you are heading to except the joy in your heart thinking about it brings. You can’t see the city from the train. The center of your joy is a little harder to tangibly feel with all the noise and commotion and life happening around you. But your soul remembers. With your eyes closed, your heart beats and every beat is the shaman drum, calling you home, keeping you awake, maintaining your connection to the earth, the land outside the train.

You know that last mile of a walk may be difficult. There have been many difficult miles from whence you started. That water they serve may look mighty tasty, the champagne, the booze, the elixers of forgetfulness. You may even contemplate for a teeny, tiny second that one extra loop around the train won’t hurt, your stop will come by again, why not imbibe just a little, reminisce, enjoy your old, familiar role.

Observe. Find joy in the observing. But let nothing distract you from your awareness. That bell will ding. Your stop will come. And when it does, you get off that train and keep a’walkin.

I will meet you there, in that City beyond. With much peace and many blessings and only love.

May it be well with you.


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