I Am Not Your Enemy

I thought about writing this yesterday, after it occurred. And then I thought, nooooo, the one’s who know already know and the one’s who don’t, might take offense. I get to this stage a lot where, despite the knowing, despite the massive amount of evidence my life presents as a case for “more than meets the eye”, (and how much I do write…) there are many, many times when I say fuck it, let ‘em figure it out themselves. More often than not, really. I call it my get out of being a guru go-to (hahaha). “You won’t be asked back with that attitude, Melissa!” (blahbady blahbady blah 🙂 )

From the perspective I sit at now, it seems anyone who has an urge to know, will be shown. Genuine devotion, desire, love for the Divine is always rewarded. Always. One’s preconceived and contrived notions may not come to bear, but genuine fruit follows a genuine heart. They are one and the same. Knowing this, I vacillate between the “ah, they’ll figure it out” and remembering how many words of others, insights, videos, songs, meditations, reminders have been right where I needed them, right when I needed them, because some other “knower” put expression and tangibility (if only in pointing) to these other realms we walk within. Where peace buffers the corridor and Light shines the path. So. It is.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to host a family member for a short visit. One of the coolest people I know if I’m honest. But this family member is a Leo with very strong opinions forged from very Masculine ideals. Those Masculine Ideals surround a very gentle soul chock full of Divine Feminine Grace. I doubt he would appreciate me calling it that, but it is a truth I wish more people would get comfortable with.

Divine Feminine. Goddess. Ancient Mother. Womb of Life. The flow that contains e-v-e-r-y-thing. That which all these boulders and buildings, barricades and weapons seek to shield, encroach, encage, encompass. That which makes the Divine Masculine guard and protect not from, but for. I see. I see what can’t be said. You see it too and think you don’t because it isn’t speakable, nameable.

In the place of the unspeakable, rote programmic logistical language has been ascribed. The mind. The fucking mind. The God damned mind control programmic fuckery. A poor placeholder for The Spirit. That prefers to use ten people to speak one sentence. The Spirit that uses ten thousand people to speak one word, a deer and two fawn, a hummingbird, a bee’s buzz for exclamation and notation. Melodies nonstop, a continuous dialogue. Never ending conversation. Interrupted by “there are dark shadows behind you feeding off of whatever you’re watching.” When I inquired of my Higher Self, what the fuck was that? Why did he say that? “Programming.” White male false doctrine programming. Fear of the Goddess energy. Fear of the brown skin that teaches and reveres it. I’ve been there. Compassion was easy to find, this is me expanding that compassion to the broader audience. I noticed this morning that one of my contemporaries had already brought the issue up. I noticed this afternoon that another contemporary, brought up yet another aspect of it. So… let’s walk the rest of this hall way together, invite the Shah’s in, the Shaman and lay a pathway, invoke the prayers of healing once again. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you

I love you

I love you

I was watching Sadhguru. It was a three-part series (I’ll link below) on the Consecration of the Temple for the Divine Feminine, (that smarty pants was smart enough to install). What my family member caught just a glimpse of, was a brown skinned man with a head wrap on doing things that he didn’t have a readily available reference point for. I’ve been there. I too was taught that anything outside of Westernized patriarchal dogma and standard church service would lead me straight away from God, from my one true love, from my beloved and deliver me irretrievably into the hands of the enemy. It took me a long time and massive dedication to trust that wherever I went, my Beloved went too. That there was nothing the Creator would withhold from me. Whatever I examined, my inquiries would be answered. It has taken some effort to override the fear that I could offend the Beloved, that I could stray from Grace, that I could be found to be damaged and repulsive goods unworthy of the relationship that is my All and my Everything.

I am just beginning to comprehend, examine, shine as the eternal Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Flow of the Ancient waters. I am just beginning to know a new depth and layer of Love, insight, Truth and it is breathtaking and unspeakable. I will be no other than who I am.

And this I that I am, knows… discerns… sees… hears… the conversation with my Beloved that has been ongoing the entirety of this existence and most likely many more. No matter from which mouth it speaks, which animal, or wing, or whisper in the wind the melody is carried on.

The domination of the Masculine had its place. I see that. I see why special privileges were set up to give the newest members of the family some time to get acclimated. I get it. And now that I get it, now that I see, awake and aware, I will transmute, heal, repair and expand my reality to conform to a more robust vision. One of abundant energy and ample freedom. One where love of this nature cannot be lost, sold or bargained for. One where souls hidden behind vast armory are given a sip of nectar and then another and another until the shields are dropped, the eyes are opened and the way is made straight again. I will and so it is because I am both Father and Mother in form. There is no “me”, there is only I. Sister and brother united, and reunited with the Truth that is Grace.

May it be well with you, and may we grow in Peace and Presence with JOY in the exploration of all things made new.

[I thoroughly enjoyed these videos. So many symbols I have drawn, painted, and envisioned without recording. Here. Now understood. The first words after I woke again “India is my sister” now felt thoroughly. I will be no other than who I am. Thank you Sadhguru. Thank you so much.]

Birth of a Goddess, Linga Bhairavi Consecration 1, 2, 3

Steve Beckow, Connecting the Dots

Lisa Renee, People Taking Offense



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