“Time Tunnel Approaching”

I’ve been running an interesting thought experiment in my little noggin lately. It’s a pretty massive one. I’ve become pretty adept at short-cuts though, not needing words or even more than a minute strand of some inklings to check for my body’s reaction to certain ideas. The body, and especially the bacteria that are conscious within the body, hold lots of good information, if and when we remember to communicate.

So… it started with a question regarding how people would respond, or rather, if we could handle a 300 year time jump. Time jump is such a stupid way to say it, but I don’t know a better one that people would get the gist of what I’m saying with.

Let’s say the corner store is 300 steps away and I want to go to the corner store. A time jump would be filtering out in some form or fashion all those 300 steps. Going from “I want to go to the corner store” to “I’m at the corner store”. Rather than, Imma put my shoes on, walk out my door, lock the thing, head to the steps, walk down the steps, walk past the mailbox oh look! A squirrel! and so on.

Three hundred is a seemingly arbitrary number, at least I thought so when the question first popped into my awareness. After some thought, I had to consider how many generations that would equal. Then I had to try and figure out why I thought that would matter. To wake up overnight and have the additional wisdom of let’s say 9 generations at our fingertips, without 9 generations of people having to live and die to gain it (I don’t know how long a generation would be if we weren’t so dumb so nine’s a guesstimate). Interesting concept isn’t it?

I had to turn and look out at humanity as I know it. How would they feel? What would be different? How much wisdom would nine generations bring us? What could we avoid, what would we miss? Who would freak out, who wouldn’t even know it happened?

Anyways, I don’t have any answers just yet, though I do appreciate expanding my mind in this way, far outside of the box as it were. I guess I should include that I don’t presume these things pop into my awareness randomly. If I had to harken a guess, this is an ethical question on the table because it is a literal possibility. Those mathies discovered something elegant again or perhaps we’ve finally matured enough to handle the keys to the fancy car.

Maybe it would be nice for something other than time to tell. Like actually deciding. Together.

Peaceful journeys either way, my family.


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