Truth & Silence

Well that was a lovely break. Holding your peace, remaining silent is sometimes the loudest thing one can do. It certainly does bring the egg, the ego, into alignment. Truth is an interesting thing. It exists in silence and in not silence, quite contrary to not truth which can only exist in not silence and needs a whole lotta energy to make it go as it has none of its own.

Getting silent every once in a while, not even particularly intending or trying to observe, will make this very clear and obvious. You’ll see where and why and how that Truth that is present in silence, gets presented slightly distorted when brought “out of silence” by way of ego.

Resonance. Being that wholeness, that wholesomeness, being free of attachments and free from any magnetizing force of not truth, when and where all your blockages and old tapes have been cleared, wiped clean …it is a beautiful thing.

What is good anyway? Nothing is good but the truth. A lie is good in that it points the way to where you have a kink in the line. We’re all one big happy family.

I’ve also held my peace because there was a very strong manifesting, magnetizing energy as of late. No joke kind of magnetization. So big I didn’t want to mess with it, didn’t want to take any chances of messing with someone else’s reality since we have all been in this big swirling wide open space, like flour sifting, sifting down into a pile, a hill of refinement, from my perspective these are good times to let it be.

I like the feeling of having some of those boundaries thinned, less rigid, less restrictive, more flowing. Water is life. Such a profound three-word phrase that sums up so much, so very, very much.

I am here. I am always here. I am well. I am always well. I hope you are too.

Much Peace and many blessings on our journey  ❤


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