Men at Work

Holy Hannah, what a difference a new morning brings. I was crying my little eyes out last night. I have an enormous amount of personal upheaval surrounding me at the moment. It’s not directly my shtuff, but close enough to hurt. No one said being an empath would be easy. As is the normal reaction to pain, there was some anger. That spirit of anger can grow if one is not careful, attuned, asking for assistance. When it gets unbearable, my go to phrase is “take this cup from me”. This usually clears my vision and field enough to get to the underlying message or wound or lesson the pain has called my attention to.

My Guides are helpful during these times. The anger was getting hot, hot and the temptation to unleash rather than process it, is no small thing. I suppose my willingness to sit in that heat and process it, is why some of these things land on my plate. As a wild preview of images crossed my mind’s eye, all the ways that power could be used to demand, force, threaten… a small voice beckoned my attention back to Peace, “because tomorrow is another day. And next week, and next year, those will be new days too…and there are unknowns remember, there are always unknowns.” And the heat faded into the cool, calm of Trust that has moved silently into Knowing.

This morning I woke to a tangible reminder of the lesson. The beeping of big trucks in reverse, the dust clouds and sweeping of debris, men at work. Noisy, uncomfortable, disruption from routine. The parking lot and driveways of our buildings have been in sore need of repair. One of the potholes was getting close to a foot deep. The men, one of whom even let me peep his wings, were busy interrupting my morning meditation in order to make the pathway to and from HOME, smoother, less damaging to the car, more suitable for the winter waters. What a blessed reminder.

Sometimes the disruption to our normal mode of “how we do” makes things better…if we just hold on. I sent those lovely men at work some “lightness of energy”, some Divine Feminine ease of spirit to make their hands-on duty a little lighter and easier. What a blessed reminder of how these energies work together. Tomorrow did turn out to be a new day. I am grateful. Again.

There were a few other very relevant, tangible reminders, but I think I’ll put those in a separate post and sit in the joy of this gratitude for a little longer.

Many blessings on our journey ❤


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