Channeled Message

Some of my readers understand what is meant by a “channeled message”, some don’t. I tend to prefer all things come through in as neutral voice as possible but there are times it must be made clear, I am speaking for more than just myself. One of the things I have focused on through this strange changing of the tides and turning of the corners, is to verify all information that gets sent out -through whatever means it gets sent out- by way of a pretty vast circuit of those who maintain what I call Holy Spirit discretion. Entirely wild and free creatures committed to none but GOD. It is they, that now give the signal to move forward and are asking for the following particulars to be noted. If I had to name these who don’t need a name, it is Seraphim.

“There are groups of starseeds and “knowers” who have been holding transformative projects. You may begin implementing these at this time: ocean restoration, public drinking water, and expansive food sharing networks, (suppressed forms of transportation will be introduced for review). Galactics and Starseeds working with Hue-Beings from all walks of life, will begin presenting improvements in efficiency and design to peripheral infrastructure. The youth will be focusing on revival of education materials and will be supervised by the Oversoul groups that have held “Devotion” and “The Way” as their focus. All else will remain as it has been with some notable breathing room to enhance connections and mutual support. The Angelic and Celestial Realm will begin supporting, guiding and protecting those who wish to disclose their personal Galactic, ET or StarBeing interactions and provide a smoother transition into the understanding that we are all ONE (though diverse in our expression) and LOVED from the standpoint of the Creator.

We are in the heart of evolutionary change and we appreciate that you are awake to perceive it. It serves the whole of the Universe.”


I wrote this last night but didn’t quite have the guts to post it. I had some questions. I had some questions about who already knows, who doesn’t, why some know and some don’t (that we are not alone in the Universe). The answers I received showed that proportionally speaking, there are actually only a small percentage of humanity that doesn’t know. Galactic “reality” was and is a known for most traditional cultures. There are only a few “kingdoms” that chose to restrict and bias this information from their people. So, I had to ask how much this would offset the balance of diversity that is essential to life on planet earth. The answer is “it’s too late, that tide has already turned”. We are on a new level of diversity and balance now and so it is.

There were other things pointed out to me, to ease my little worries. The story of the dude in danger of drowning who prayed for help and then denied the life jacket, speed boat and so on seeking instead a miracle of some other form. The message: God’s gonna do, what God’s gonna do. I was also reminded of stories I’ve heard of certain people going to the hospital for help and making a fuss and refusing treatment because the doctor was a woman, or younger, or from a different culture or skin tone. And there will be those who remain that way. Unfortunately, we simply cannot continue to let innocent people suffer the isolation of their out of the ordinary experiences, because some people will get triggered and defensive.

I brought up concerns I had regarding self-promotion and misinformation. I’ve seen quite a bit of that occur with regards to “disclosure”. Do the people have enough discernment to tell the difference? I asked. And this is another reason why the Angels are going to facilitate this. The more thorough explanation came in regard to the mental health of those involved. They’ve been peer pressured into silence, into denying their own experience and therefore themselves, which will have an obvious impact on their relationship to others and to Spirit. Humans gain so much assistance from each other when processing, applying and integrating new information, and whether you are aware of it or not, the Spirit of God resides between these connections with each other. When it is stifled, perceived as “not allowed” to be brought to the Light, it becomes difficult to release and be present in the Now moment causing enormous mental distress. The suffering of which, impacts us all. Not withstanding the amount of people who are being kept in poverty because of these “secrets”.

Just think of how many people have been called delusional and labelled mentally ill, placed in extensive psychiatric care for what we now know were more likely than not, genuine experiences (perhaps I should do a post about the different frequencies one can inadvertently tune into that mimic genuine encounters to aid in this discernment). A lot of these events simply needed to be processed so the individual could return to a grounded, integrated place. There is plenty of research that suggests even positive life transforming experiences that occur with great regularity like the birth of a child, a new promotion, move, marriage… can cause distress, how we have dealt with people who have had spiritual or profound experiences out of the ordinary does need to be addressed. The Angelics assured me they will assist in getting these people support from the right open-minded people and so… where I have previously voted no on further disclosure, I have now granted my assent. My concern has always been regarding the bridge between the more Spiritual Ascent and the Galactic Reality, how to inform believers that their way is not wrong, not untruth, but that there is more to the story, more to God’s family than they have been made aware of and how to protect the integrity of those paths which are highly valuable for so, so many reasons. This, I will place in the hands of the Divine, and trust the way will be made clear for all involved, just as it was for me.

Eyes open.

Many blessings on our journey.


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