Thankfully Grateful

Well, I survived. I suppose, I always do. I am grateful at the ease with which I am able to find, feel, know “centered”. Peace and calm is accessible now where it was previously just a made-up word people threw around. I’m quite a different person than I once was.

Quite a few of the old guard came through my stomping grounds as of late. But yet, the center remained. Where once I had to prove, now I know … now I know, I know they know I know, and know themselves and I can live with that. The mirrors are dissolving. And where they don’t, I stand black as the void, empty. I have no ego to play dress up with, there are only words as notes of a forgotten or unheard melody.

I’ll work until the work is done, dot the I’s and cross the t’s.

I am grateful, though today held some grief. I am grateful for every soul who did the work to break out of their shell. I am grateful for every I love you, you got this, just hang in, that comes through the ethers, the e-media, the phone calls and the memes. I am grateful for these trees outside my window that teach me so much. I am grateful for every soul whispering so loudly, maybe we can

I am grateful for every Being expressing and reminding us all that miracles are fact and magic is science yet uncovered, and choices made from the heart are breathing new life into veins of possibility. I am grateful for you people who listen and watch, who pay attention and learn, who give and teach.

I am grateful for trust renewed and Grace bestowed. I am grateful for the silence between the labor pains. I am here. Grateful. To love you.

I think I’ll get down to making some new art to share, feels like this portion of the story is complete.

Peace and many blessings on our journey ❤



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