Healing Dispensation

It’s been quite an interesting couple of weeks. There are some openings coming up in July that are ripe for providing wide swaths of energetic support if we use our skills and engage. In this blog, I’m going to present a case for using this energy to instigate a potential cure for an ailment we’ve been living with for so long we don’t even realize it anymore.

In my reality, because I like to Tinker with stuff, I often get presented with opportunities for taking the micro (the below) I’m looking at and use it to map the change needed at the macro (or above) levels. Have you heard of the Milgram experiment? This was a psychological experiment conducted in the early 1960’s related to authority and conscience. Essentially, participants were seen harming what they thought were other participants by way of electrical shock, because they were encouraged by the authority figure (the experimenter) to do so. It is an important piece of work I encourage you to investigate as we have an opportunity to use Divine energy to lift many up out of this mindset.

If we look at how so much of our society is run, we can see many examples where our “conscience”, what we know is right versus wrong, (preferred versus unpreferred, stagnant versus moving, doing unto others as we’d have done to us) is being overwritten by status quo, the authority of “this is how we always do.”

There are many awakened individuals, aware that their thoughts and intentions have a tremendous influence on their experience of reality. We are also aware that there are a vast amount of people who are both unawakened and also experiencing tremendous discord, fear, separation and in some cases, perpetual shame, lack and suffering and wish it not to be so.

There is plentiful ancient and traditionally maintained knowledge regarding the use of blessings to overcome a perceived absence of Grace. One of the greatest gifts humanity has at their disposal is Grace. Grace is an energy unto itself. And like all energy, it can be directed. But unlike all energy, it doesn’t have to be. It is intelligence unto it’s own SELF and this is, perhaps, why we forget to utilize it more often on each other’s behalf. It is strictly an other-directed utility.

If you can understand that our electromagnetic fields are interacting with unbound water molecules, you may begin to see how “programs”, “tapes”, and “memories” (residual, implanted or cellular) can become both beneficial and problematic as they can be written on, imprinted or altered from a distance (due to quantum entanglement or long riding frequency waves). One who is not attuned to these dynamics, may not think to become aware of that little corner of the attic that needs cleaning. This is where those who are aware, can intervene and say “hey, you have an attic, the reason your house keeps getting filled with dust is because you haven’t cleaned it … ever”.

Some people would march right up there and give it a good scrubbing. Some people might be so afraid of anything attic related they’ll ignore it and you and maybe even set up a barricade or two with some caution tape draped over every entrance. Just as we would not sit idly by if someone was hoarding cockroaches, we do not sit idly by when there is a health risk to the collective conscious space. There may be a whole lotta people who have no idea and may never interact in any way with someone who is awake enough to point this out to them. This is where Higher States of Consciousness can be used to alert them via energy which they cannot help but be connected to, even if they don’t have the internet or ever leave their block or haven’t seen the light of day in a decade or two.

With our new little wobbly Co-creator legs just getting settled, we may feel the urge to stay far, far away from them, not wanting to get sucked back in to that spiral and dynamic. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense, it’s just that you are a lot more powerful than that. If you don’t feel so, water your roots. Take note of the many presentations of Divine dispensation that you should have many examples of by now. Say thank you to all those who have helped you and I get this far so we disarm the little ego self that thinks they alone accomplished this, and because that aspect may believe they alone did it, they alone may make a mistake and undo it. Saying thank you, having gratitude and awareness of the multitudes keeps what is happening at the co-creative level, a level much bigger than the little self.

There is a great deal of White Ray energy available at the moment. This energy can be described as holding the frequencies of Hope, Purity, Restoration, Resurrection, Ascension and Immaculate Concept. (See Patricia Cota Robles video describing the Divine attributes of these Rays here, they line up with information my little auditor self was given a few months prior).

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to participate in healing this discord from our collective Akashic record. Our intention to move and direct this energy -program it- makes tremendous change.

Before me I call forward all aspects of the programming, memories, source of and receiver to, the urge or intent to harm others due to distortions of energies related to punishment if not followed. Where “hands” are seen holding cords related to these, enlivening that which is “dead”, the circuit is interrupted and the hands are released. Where debris, residual holes, necrotic damage exists, plasmatic White Ray energy is introduced to fill the spaces, allowing each individual the opportunity to feel health, be renewed, and transformed into purity. Where emotional energy has become stagnated and shame filled, I request blessing energy of Ascension and Resurrection. I do this by way of Grace, in accordance with the Law of Intervention established through Heaven and It’s allies for the betterment of all living kind. I ask that all genetic mutations regarding such and in violation of any protocol for evolutionary experimentation be returned immediately to the wholeness of the Divine Blueprint of the Hue-Being as made manifest by the Creator, first and foremost. As it is written, so shall it be. In the name of the Holy of Holies and in witness thereof, I stand willing to accept and dispense this blessed forgiveness and transformative Grace throughout all time and space on behalf of those e/affected.

May it be well with you and many blessings on our journey.

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