Dear Empaths

Fifth open word document. Fifth attempt. I am both in the mire and not a’tall in the mire. Pretty frickin weird. Families. Aren’t they fun?

This time, I surrender. No, not this time. All the time. Surrender to what I can and cannot fix. If it weren’t for my concern for oh so many of us starseeds who have been plopped down in some of the most dysfunctional scenarios ever invented… shee-it, I would be sitting in my closet right now, hiding in silence, waiting for this too, to pass.

But I hear you young ones calling out in the etherics and so, I’ll take out one of my Elder Higher Selves and say fuck all to the weirdness and judgmental confusion you may be experiencing. We’ll walk out of these tests together. Because as far as Heaven is concerned, you were never anything but perfect. Training for a leadership role is not the same as being experimented on and because I’m not stupid even though I play stupid on ET reality TV… I know the difference, Beloveds.

How many starseeds come in with a layer of family that tells them the opposite of what they know in their heart to be true? How many starseeds come in with a layer of guard dogs waiting to bark at them for every instance of spoken truth, hoping to drown out the inconceivable and unsettling nature of God Embodied, Christ Embodied? Ah, yes, I see you. I hear you. I feel you. It is the nature of things, is it not. What does challenge bring us? It brings us assurance in our strength.

Are portal people disturbing your peace today Dear Ones? When the message is CELEBRATE but your family or friends are still pretty sleepy, still pretty angry, still pretty into drinkin beer, grilling dead flesh and playing with fire and Ascension seems a million miles away? Do you find you have no where to run, to silence their confusion, their stories that are not in line with your high heart singing? A’feared you will get trapped in their dimension of confusion? Aye, you are not alone. Spend an extra few minutes when you go to the bathroom, take a thirty second walk to nowhere and in that tiny still silence, place your hand on your heart… your Sisters are there, they feel you, they see you, they are with you. You can be in that presence without Becoming that presence, let the truth of that sink in.

Your sand castle will not be knocked down. You will not be punished for being unable to hold a high vibration while those around you are processing tapes, replaying the loops you no longer vibe to. Your peace is within. Grab those head phones and say fuck all… this too shall pass, if the differences in opinion or direction or timeline get too much. As much as you are able, remember perfection is a mirage hiding the real deal. Did someone convince you if you weren’t perfect 24/7 you’d lose all this good New Earth, Heaven on Earth, God in real time Love and Guidance???… that is bullshit. Do you hear me? It isn’t true. It never was. It is only their own confusion playing… how do I? how do I? how do I?

If your shine is a bit too much for some today, oh well. Observe what you can, imagine a column of light surrounding you that reaches beyond all physical realities, up, down and around and riding deep into earth’s crystal grid. It might not be the easiest day for some empaths, starseeds and high sensitives and that’s ok. It’s ok to not be all jazzed up by the things that jazz others up. You are not judged for being as you are and we will not judge those for being as they are. Give permission for a Love that is bigger than you to provide a little lubricant to your bubble today so it is a bit easier to slide through the many dimensions that are mingling through and around. WE are one… but YOU are also one.

Your Sisters are here. They are holding sacred space for you. They love you. Be at Peace Gentle Ones.

This song keeps playing in my head loudly when the loudness around me gets too much…




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