Etheric Accolades

Taking a look at…

Taking our egos into the etheric realms and the Messianic Complex

Down here (or up here depending on your perspective) on good ol’ planet earth, the tangible realms, when you perform a service, say, catch a shit ton of fish or gather five baskets full of berries, one would expect some form of thank you from those who benefit from the excess fruits of your labor. Sustenance without effort. Except a simple thank you and positive vibes for many (especially in modern cultures) has been replaced by monetary exchange. This monetary exchange then allows the laborer access to even better tools and the ability to afford more fruits of other’s labors.

These things get rather convoluted and tricky when we begin dealing with etheric, astral or higher conscious events where the “record” the tangible “proofs” are not obvious. When one performs an etheric clearing or task, the tangible benefit may be ten years out in linear time, if noticed at all. It is most often performed in concert with a massive amount of collectives, as well as unrealized consciousness and need I mention, Mother/Father God. That makes it a little difficult to ascertain who should and what manner of rewards become forthcoming and something all Lightworker’s ought to be making some effort towards clarifying.

I’m in the middle of what I’ll call a “review”. I’m going to walk you through some of this because … well, shit, why the hell not. Also, there’s most likely a whole bunch of us going through this review and I for one would appreciate and prefer working together and transparently than co-creating in secrecy which doesn’t allow for much benefit to the grand scheme of things and sets us up for some nasty egoic slapback when things done as a collective effort are credited to the first person to post about it kinda shit. “I SLAYED A DRAGON!! HEAR ME ROAR!” I set that dragon loose yesterday and Mr. Grand Heyoka HIMSELF has answered… (Maybe you just took a test? That you couldn’t have taken if (insert the entirety of Creator’s dance here including the first person to recognize the advantage of the wheel or map out the coordinates of the stars or eat an apple). This is me gulping that ego reducing slap to the forehead fire with a big ol’ glass of water and gratitude, thank you very much book of Job.

Anyhoo… let’s take a walk through the contours of my imaginations. Last night I heard the Guides and Higher Selves saying “she’s ready”. Oh, how I loathe the talking in third person, but let’s not digress. I lay down and got into a comfortable space and quieted my mind and thoughts. A Teacher (one who carries wisdom) walked me through a space that was a color somewhere between yellow, ochre, and Golden, a “temple” of sorts. There were circular and separate (but level with the floor) “modules” that if I were to compare them in this realm would have been about 24 inches in diameter. The Teacher took me to each module and up from them came a representation of a “dimension” (for lack of a better word). A review of my understanding of how each works, ensued. An image was projected up and I/we observed my reactions, emotional, mental, and application to the tangible.

The first notable one was basically earth. The workings of the cycles and seasons, the life teeming and it felt like I was being observed for any urges to interfere (more or less). Could I observe the perfection while aware of the incomplete nature of certain things and keep my hands to myself. I guess I should point out that there was what looked like a glass housing or cylinder around the projections (kinda like below but the base would have been more stone like and of that ochre/Golden color).


(I may get the order of some things wrong and leave quite a few things out but) another was the shape of a man coming up out of sand, his bottom half sand his top half sand shaped like the torso and head of a man and straining against the glass… I inquired of the Teacher, this represents the nature of time, the often felt fight with time men are known to engage with? I remember feeling glad it was encased in it’s housing.

Coming to another I saw a belly dancer come through. Dancing provocatively in front of us. I observed the Teacher’s reaction and compared it to my own. There was jealousy, confusion, a desire to leave. He inquired at my reaction and why I thought it was affecting me in such a different way than him. A rather lengthy “discussion” and review ensued regarding the many numerous confusing sexual interactions my life has had, beginning with the attempted abduction and molestation when I was so young and how that event had replayed itself in my interactions with males and my own body throughout my life.

I asked a few questions about the nature of physical sexual response and how confusing it has always been, the expectations, shame, and overwhelming sense of non-mastery. The Teacher sat with me without judgment as I brought recollections of sexual encounters and examined the underlying motivations, confusion, intentions. I was shown where my disconnect from lower chakras due to that trauma had made it difficult to address my own sexual nature and that of others from my Heart and Higher mind. With His assistance we were able to engage my inner child and to make a long story short, inner child dressed up in a vagina version of a banana suit but with all the chakras in line and we all had a hearty laugh. The belly dancer was presented again to which my inner child did a little jazz hands with a big ol smile from her vagina shaped banana suit.


The dancer was presented again. My reaction was clear and loving, observant witness as the Teacher’s had been initially. The angst and desire to run was gone. The splendor of my adult femininity on path to restoration was notable as my Heart was present in the viewing. (I’m sure this one will be reviewed again, it was a big wound).

We also spent quite a bit of time at the container of what I’m going to call uroboros. The container seemed to have an invisible line cutting it right in half. The serpent was moving around and around, disappearing entirely on the one half and emerging seen on the other. So one part of the body was seen moving while part of the body was assumingly moving through the invisible side. I call this one the 8th dimension. The circle of karma. Upon whose scales so many ride upon. The Teacher would like me to leave some parts of this recollection out, so I will. Suffice it to say, I asked and was permitted to be held outside of that enclosure, lest I forget.

I observed a great holographic expanse, the astral or imaginative pre-creative (virtual) milieu. It was very large. My reaction and instinct on how to address this observation was noted and approved.

From another module’s opening, I observed my Celestial home and a deeper understanding was given. Further along, I was taken to another module and my heart started to sing before I even saw what it contained. Music! An instrument appearing as a Lyre. Guidance on using my voice and sharing my heart song was given. It was made very clear how much joy that connection brought me. Bliss, I suppose you could say. The Teacher asked if I would like an instrument to be brought into my physical reality to learn and use as a tool to share with others the melodies of the Celestials and I said yes, please and with much gratitude. 🙂 A few different styles were presented to my consciousness to observe reaction and I’m looking forward to see how it comes through because it looked like I preferred a version of the xylophone but made of crystals.


And then we had come to the end of that “row”. There was something of a brass or golden looking rail on the ground, dividing the lesson area from our path. I noticed us turning and facing the direction from which we came. The lesson modules I had just been through were now on my left and on the right, the rail but no circles. I was told “this is 12”. I asked “the whole thing?”. “Yep.”


So here we are and here I am. The story as yet continues…

Peace ❤

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