Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Ah… three or four or ten thousand days of this stupid neck pain brings me to my writing pad again. The Universe is conspiring to heal me again the little bugger. Those voices clouding my happy thoughts, “they don’t want to hear about your suffering you know” Do I ever.

But … neck pain in one who is on the Ascension path is a sign of a blocked or hyper active chakra, that it is traversing from just above causing massive headaches and just below causing pain and numbness in my arm, this isn’t something I can ignore even though I really, really want to.

Throat chakra, the hearing and the telling. The speaking of the truthy truths. Blech. “They don’t want to hear about your truthy truths you know.” Oh, but what if they do. “But some of those truthy truths would hurt them, some of those truths would spoil the surprise, some of those truths would scare the shit of them, some of those truths are not mine to share.” Oh, but there is no them. “Touché. Carry on.”

How did I end up in Boulder? The Spirits/spirits brought me. Aliens, Ancestors, Angels and Guides and I didn’t even believe in “aliens” at the time and some of those ancestors that stepped in were from Africa, some India, I was writing in Farsi for goodness sake. It was a veritable UN meeting of ancestry keeping this vessel going after I crossed that last boundary of what was.

Boulder, at the time of my arrival, had almost been taken over by the simulation, by an alternative timeline and reality. It was an interdimensional superhiway, experimental playground, not one stitch of it seemed real. It was my walk through Bardo, through the halls of the “in-between”, the cosmic no man’s land, a strange little Universe all onto itself. A grand welcome into manifesting destiny. The Emperor’s last stand. This, I have been so afraid to speak of. The confusion of some of the things I saw. Proof. Upon proof. Upon proof. Upon proof. No going back now. Can’t unsee it.

Reincarnation. Beings I had known before showing up in different but still recognizable forms, and Jared Leto catching my eye as he crossed the street. The Marley crew serenading my entry. Fucking Boulder, man, you strange weird little whatever the fuck you are. There’s no hiding in Boulder. I saw angels graduate. I saw higher selves hovering light bodies above and around physical form. I saw holographic beam-ins. I saw machine/human monkey-roo’s. I saw guides and guards and the history of everything. What did I see in Boulder the voices in my head asked? I saw everything. And I closed the gates and the portals to the nether realms. Collapsed timelines that had no business being open. Declared powwow and fulfilled the metaphorical maelstroms that had left prophetic doorways enchanted and enchanting. I raised the dead in Christ, woke up the ratchet ho’s, proclaimed that Grace time was over and this apocalyptic metaphoric simulation to be null, void and enough.

There may never be enough words for all that I saw. Shambhala. Holy Hannah’s home. Streets named after tribes. Muslim Jesus. Hippie Jesus. Female not-me Jesus. A spinning, swirling soup of everything. My walk through Bardo. My cheat sheet for clearing the rest of my karmic what have you. My definitive “be a good Arch-Angel’s daughter” how to guide. My welcome to the future you didn’t know existed Cliff’s notes.

And here I am. And here we are.

One of the interesting things about that time period is how difficult it was for me to ask for help. I didn’t pan handle once while I was living without anything. An attempt had been made to disappear me. That attempt clearly failed. But I still don’t like asking for help. I wish that stupid habit would disappear. Reincarnation. It’s only weird when you wake up in the same body you left.

Are we having fun yet cause someone told me things were just about to get fun again … every single day since I was born. I’m going to get myself 99 acres and grow some pot in crystal water on top of miles of rainbow obsidian and heal the world. OH… was I supposed to wait until the new moon to declare this state of Sovereign what the fuck’s the hold up gentleman? They musta left that part out of the manual.

Until next time……..


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