What is a Miracle?

For the first time in a long time, a question came through the ethers from a collective frequency that has had a tendency not to communicate in this way. I am grateful. In some of the readings and expressions I perused this morning, it would appear the question is already on it’s way to being answered by many of us.

When questions or comments or ideas come through the ethers, they are often filtered in a very different communication style. There will be a combination of images, emotions, memories, and a few words may be sprinkled in as well. The total of all that info presents the underlying intention behind the request. The intention I sensed was a request for clarity and perhaps validation.

I’ll try to sum up the message I received. “In the past, it seemed like people who talked about things like ascension and an over emphasis on spiritual were mentally unhealthy or unstable, maybe even crazy, but some of you don’t seem crazy and what you describe seems to hold some truth. Is it real? What’s going on?” In reply, I’ll give a short answer and also provide a story that will help your own inner understanding have a little room to play with these ideas.

An abrupt spiritual awakening can look like and be the cause of mental health distress, especially in our young country where there has not been a lot of structural support for spiritually attuned folks. If you can imagine going through puberty without any knowledge of what puberty changes look like, suddenly you’re growing hair where there was previously none, your voice is changing while your friends still sound the same, you have urges, sensations and emotions that you did not previously. Now imagine that everyone around you told you to stop it immediately. Stop growing hair. Stop changing your voice. Stop feeling those things because they are all signs of ill health. You might get sent to the doctor and given pills to control it. Those pills might cause such an imbalance you can no longer function in any sense of normal and this further perpetuates the concept that puberty is a bad idea.

Your friends might call you a freak and reject you and a period of self-condemnation and fear would naturally take hold. We are social creatures. Rejection is a health and safety risk for social creatures. Some people may react to this by secretly shaving any hair that sprouted, practicing keeping their voices higher pitched, pretending and acting like the other kids, ignoring and blocking out the new sensations and intelligence being presented. Some people may embrace it or over emphasize it and use their newly developing more advanced muscular strength against the other yet undeveloped kids which would cause a further distrust and dislike for puberty or those going through it. This disconnect is a form of insanity that is very present in our culture. Luckily, we have communication now that is making this a little less obtrusive and obnoxious.

We have not understood or broadly incorporated structured, social support for this natural part of our development. From my observations, spirituality develops on a continuum much like all other aspects of our development. And it can be affected, stunted or accelerated in similar ways. Spend some time unpacking and seeing the fullness of what I just said. It’s important.

Without this structured social support, spiritually evolving people have often been faced with an arduous and lonely task. Imagine growing up near the ocean, spending time playing in the waves, observing the life teeming within its vast expanse. Now imagine being asked to explain the ocean to a group of people who had always lived in a dessert, without even words that could describe an amount of water and life that massive. Even if you took a snapshot of the ocean, you could not relay all the intricate microcosms of life playing within. The spiritual world is such an ocean and trying to explain it to people who have not stood at it’s shores, often feels like an impossible task.

Tomorrow is the 26th anniversary of the day I fell off the cliff. It’s one of the bigger “Holy Hannah” miracle moments I have in my tool box of stories. Not too long ago, the story grew a new component. Here’s the abridged version of what happened and following, how it changed. Hopefully it will allow you a glimpse outside of the normal realms of time and space that some of us live in.

I was 17. I was “rock climbing” without ropes or safety or training. I fell. I can still replay it in my mind and count the seconds. There were about 4, which would suggest to me it was about 40 feet I fell. Most of it through trees and brush, only the last 10-15 being a free fall. I landed on a large rock on my back. My T12/L1 was crushed but other than that, there were only minor scrapes, cuts and bruises. At the moment of my fall, a riverboat was cruising by which some local paramedics and firemen were having their yearly summer gathering on. They were able to rescue me literally within minutes. The ride on the riverboat was stable enough to ensure that the fragments of those bones did not sever my spinal cord. Pretty miraculous right?

So, a couple of months ago I was sitting in my Laser (multi-dimensional) Reiki class. The group I was learning with had been together for over half a year at this point. Sitting with that group is like sitting with my Higher Selves, we seem to fill in each other’s gaps, offsetting strengths and weaknesses so well, it has been a profound experience beyond word or thought or emotion. We practice the tools and techniques on each other. Being an effective healer means clearing out as much from your own vessel and mind as possible so that the purest and highest energy can come through. Like eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising keeps those arteries flowing the blood through unencumbered.

I was in the “hot seat”. The group was working on something I had stumbled on. Having lived longer with chronic pain than without, I was having a hard time believing pain free was totally possible and had inadvertently (through my beliefs) set up a block on healing the hyperesthesia (also called allodynia) I have experienced in my right leg since the accident. So, my teacher set up an exercise where we all travelled “back” to the accident and “re-wrote” it. Afterwards, listening to one of my allies discuss what she had visualized, carrying me down, holding me in her arms… I could only stand there gape-mouthed because that IS how I have always remembered it, that it felt like I was held and buffered.

Spirituality is like that. It is beyond the mind which uses linear recording. Like a child just learning their 1,2,3’s will simply not grasp algebra, so too, someone who has not had these monumental and often miraculous experiential shifts may not appreciate the elegance these tools and events provide. There is an ocean. Some of us swim in it often. Some of us are even attuned enough to catch some pretty big fish and bring the sustenance back to our tribe. Please find it in your hearts to accept the gifts we bring. A big fish is going to be too much meat for some, but for others, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

There is always going to be a need for discernment. Just as young children play house or teenagers regurgitate and mimic older people, so too with the spiritual community. We are doing our best to be as authentic and free with the information as it is safe for us to be. It does, thankfully, feel as though people are getting much better at telling the difference between the “toupee” and the real deal.

Many blessings on our journey.


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