The Last Piece of Pie …& Stuff

I find myself in a strange little between worlds state at the moment. I’ve experienced these moments more as a rule than an exception. I guess you could say I’ve lived in my own little reality for most of my life. I suppose most people live this way and just don’t feel the need to explain it. Perhaps.

It is also possible that people grow weary of trying to explain their unique vantage point and so go with the theme or norm or accepted definitions of life simply because it is easier than trying to verbalize individuality, neuro-divergence, the mystic’s beingness which after awhile, just gets exhausting… and we all know, everyone figures it out eventually.

I wonder… how much effort I would make to explain the unseen realms if I no longer felt the stress and pressure to gather resources. I know when my body still functioned rather well, I preferred labor type of work. Working in a warehouse, picking, packing, shipping, receiving, don’t ask me why but that was always my favorite. Removing discordant energy, harmonizing fields, healing people… this was a natural byproduct, not something I had to market, compete and beg for the right or place or space to be able to offer.

I’ve never been a big fan of competition. I already know you can’t be me. I’m me. What else could we possibly compete about? Whether some part of you is better than some part of me? How ludicrous. At the end of that competition, you will still be you and I will still be I, but one of us will feel just a titch better and the other a titch worse. Why would anyone do that to themselves? Or each other? I suppose some would argue that it entails a form of motivation, to push oneself, to learn, to grow…. That presupposes that we wouldn’t do that anyways. I have not seen any evidence that suggests we stop growing without competition. What is a baby competing with when it latches on to its mother’s breast? I think we are designed to grow, like a seed is designed to turn into a flower or fruit or tree or baby.

If you are the tallest tree in the forest have you become or embodied more treeness than a shorter tree? Is that shorter tree no longer a tree because it is a different size? Is a two-year old less human than a fifty-year old? Is a sea turtle less of an animal than a tigress? Is an ant less of an insect than a grasshopper? Do they not all equally -yet individually- represent life?

A seed is placed in dirt, in darkness, it is watered and then it begins its journey to the light where it will continue the cycle, turning itself into a producer of seeds and eventually the nutrients the next seedling will feed from as it begins its journey from dark to light and so on.

I hear so much talk about dark forces, and an overemphasis on certain beings that have become the labelled representatives of these forces– the big one that gets thrown about almost as much as the word demon gets thrown about in more traditional spiritual circles, is reptilian. Does it need to be pointed out that we all have a “reptilian” area of the brain? That it is the part of our brain responsible for sensing danger and keeping the body, the vessel which souls grow in, alive? Have you decided to wage war on your own anatomy? Do you believe it is your anatomy that has prevented you from experiencing your bliss so much so that you created a whole formidable creature out of your imagination and succeeded in externalizing your inner struggle? Still haven’t caught on to how and why you create the reality you perceive?

Is it plausible that humans who had not quite achieved the ability to evolve past that biological stepping stone were approached and/or by some other means genetically altered themselves into stronger bodies, minds, etc in order to overcome that fear, which is inherent to misunderstanding life and death? Placing themselves somehow on top of the food chain and forgetting or not having experienced their soul sprouting because of it? Is it possible we are creating that scenario right now with our over emphasis on this idea?

Are you a seed in the dark soil, angry at the plant next to you that is already producing fruit? Did you forget to pay the gardener and now your plants are overrun with weeds and since you gave that job to someone else, you can no longer tell the difference between weed and shoot?

I hope some day we can all move past the stories of good guy versus bad guy. I hope we can move past the stories that set us up to compete thinking that some of us are more valuable than others. It’s only the last piece of pie until someone bakes another one. Food for thought anyways, from my place in the ethers, watching between worlds.

Peace ❤


7 thoughts on “The Last Piece of Pie …& Stuff

    1. I agree. It’s hard to be creative when you’re constantly racing … against the clock, each other, psuedo-ideals, running from bad guys, plotting against good guys, meh… the story is getting old. Def time for an expanded view of what it means to be human, I do believe we are ready for that. Big Love!!


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