Quantum Shtuff

Got a little feedback from my Guides after yesterday’s purging and I feel a whole lot better. I guess it would be wise to clear up one misconception for those who just don’t know me well enough to know. When I said I don’t feel obligated to share certain things for free, I most certainly did not mean, hey give me money and I’ll tell you my secrets.

I most certainly do mean, that those who are disabled and living on the streets are given homes, shelter, community, opportunity. I also mean that those who have been self-medicating due to trauma or high sensitivity are given access to reliable rehabilitation that includes yoga, meditation, grounding, plant medicine, community and opportunity. My focus is on the land I occupy. I know we can do much more with our resources to help the least among us than we have.

I know that able-bodied and healthy minded people deserve to be paid a living wage that both allows them to afford the basics of HEALTHY food, adequate clean and safe shelter, access to clean and healthy water and the ability to put some time, money, energy aside to build and contribute to their dreams. I know that multi-generational poverty is a trauma that resonates in the field we all pick up on and experience and rather than numb ourselves to it, we need to start thinking outside of the box of illusions and heal this issue.

We need to provide spaces and places for children to hear stories other than conqueror and conquered. Spaced and places for children to be taught about empathy, intuition, connecting and living in harmony with mother nature and each other. I want children to be encouraged to develop their unique gifts, to never lose their creative genius, to never experience the hopelessness that comes from societal rejection due to their family’s income level. This is what I want in exchange. This is what I have always wanted. Beautiful souls wrapped up in dysfunctional lives to be freed. Those who have endured tests of faith to be rewarded without delay. Joy to be a possibility for all of mankind. This, my payment for services rendered.

None of this is easy to explain. We were trapped in an energetic matrix. There are a few different stories as to why and how this came to be. The easiest one to wrap our minds around can be described as a territorial dispute, a prepping of bodies for beings not biologically compatible with earth to occupy. That’s the short version. The release came by way of lining up those frayed ends. Finding the quantum coherence or to put it vaguely, the yin/yang of one point, reducing the karmic extension. Equalizing energetic locks and dams, rather than A being here and B being there, it was a lining up of A and B as a quantum (completed) potential.

There were stargates (for lack of a better descriptor) that were locked (for lack of a better descriptor) by way of binary code. Solving the riddles by way of quantum and metaphoric gap holding, completed “circuits” which allowed the energetic “puzzles” to be released/cancelled, thereby allowing us to expand beyond the energetic matrices of A or B and into multiple solutions despite the paradox (A and B rather than A or B). Like an electrical circuit where the positive and negative ends meet, using conscious energy to fill in the missing positive or negative without having to experience the positive or negative. Being a conduit through consciousness rather than the five senses.

Our planet contains a multitude of reminders by way of Ancient texts and sacred sites to unlock these solutions, to remind us of the keys and receptors within us. There is no such thing as junk DNA, it simply requires a “triggering” event which can come by way of resonance, resonance can come by way of accessing those inner dimensions, i.e. expanded consciousness. Those of us who were able to embody “beyond duality” were then able to anchor or ground or direct this into the crystal field of Gaia, of earth, so that it is able to resonate and provide opportunity for coherence for all who walk this planet. We have been far more advanced than this in previous times and those “memories” or evolutionary differences are absolutely accessible without having to have a cataclysmic or massive evolutionary trigger. This is what has been accomplished by humanity this go ’round even if it isn’t immediately apparent in your current reality. The codes to your advanced evolutionary ancestors are already within you, available by resonance.

Prophecy has been a big hang up because it set an A that would seemingly not be “complete” until B was experienced/observed. Some of those puzzles and gaps that needed to be filled were not fun or easy and whether or not I ever feel inclined or guided to explain the whole shebang, what some of us have taken on is yet to be determined, always with the highest good of all as the decision maker to that end.

Anyhoo…. Some of these things aren’t easy to describe, we don’t have a great vocabulary in English for dimensional shtuff but perhaps it is enough to trigger the remembrance and understanding that is needed.

Many blessings on our journey.


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