If I had to sum up my story in 300 words or less…


The night was dark, her shoes were wet, and she was mad as hell. She used that anger to keep on walking and the walking to keep her fear at bay.

45th and Colter was no place for a woman with her figure to be walking alone through the shadows. Luckily, she didn’t know that. That might have been one notch on ye’ old fear belt, too many.

She wasn’t mad at anything in particular, unless you consider “everything” something in particular. Walking another few blocks, the rest of her senses finally started to kick back in. The adrenaline which fueled this attempt to take on the night, started to subside.

Her surroundings took on an eerie silence. Beyond the sound of her mighty heartbeat, the air seemed to be alive, straining to hear and make sense of this wild creature in its midst.

She felt the keen attention, the feeling of being observed, and panicked only slightly at her inability to locate its source. She paused, leaned into the silence, closed her eyes for a moment. She breathed deeply and felt for the first time, the one thing she had always craved.

She felt seen. Maybe even admired. She laughed out loud, joy and life flooding her veins, her very bones felt ready to burst. And the silence retreated to hide from her power awakened.


Many blessings on your journey. Peace ❤


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