Violet Flame Request

Shadow work

As much as possible, shadow work is a necessary and individual process. It is one of the premiere allies to truly experienced free will. There are however, times and circumstances, which require a collective approach to bringing to light something that has the potential for harming the collective frequencies if unchecked. I spend a lot of time doing shadow work of that nature.

For the last few weeks I’ve had a recurring experience. When I go into a meditative or trance state I bump into a “firewall” of projected images. The images are pretty awful and always the same involving my eyes getting hit or harmed. What I know about psychic warfare, has led me to investigate this further. I asked my helpers to show me the source of the trespass. And son of a bitch if it didn’t bring me to a child. Further investigation and inquiry and multiple steps taken to remedy the situation has resulted in a request from a Higher Authority to report it. Bring it to the LIGHT. So here I am and here we are.

Brain washing and using psychically attuned children as a weapon. May the violet flame of “how stupid do you have to be” consume all distortions related. May the souls of these children be under and only under the guidance of the Supreme Soul with only their Oversoul as intercessory. May we all pray and support these children’s return to full health and stability and all related activities be dealt with in accordance with common sense, otherwise known as Universal Law, otherwise known as “what the fuck is wrong with you”.

In Jesus’ name I will to pray for swift enforcement of binary code to delete these realities. May God have mercy on your souls.



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