Man, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve held the force that is the destroyer back, soothed that soul, transmuted that righteous anger, asked for more time. If I had a dollar. If I had a dollar.

Moving energy through chasms of miasmas, seeking out the refuge, the places of least resistance where the purifier may roam free and land without torment.

Aye, why do I do it.

I understand remorse. I’ve read the book on remorse. I’ve clambered through the chambers of one second too late.

And yet… they wait. They see. They hear. They know. They wait. They plan. They plot. They hold back. They gamble. They gamble with your fate, feeling free in their lack thereof. They generate hate to get the destroyer to complete their self-initiated demise. I will not. You will face your own temptate. You will face it a thousand times, a thousand days, a thousand ways but you will not negate the life that seeks to perpetuate.

Aye, I have become and Bid welcome to the ONE who truly can CREATE.


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