Ministering Spirits

I just want to touch on a couple of things. A recurring pattern that emerges each time a major shift presents itself. Rather than get into the hows and whys of it, I’d rather offer a way to deal with it. I guess there is an important point of consideration I should bring up first, a deeper understanding of energy. As a spiritualist and not a scientist, the vocab words may be a little different but the result is the same, just keep that in mind.

Our lovely planet, at it’s surface, holds a negative “charge”. This energy is felt and fed upward through the lower chakras. In those societies that have been bombarded with sexual imagery and power dynamics, these energies coming up from the planet, meeting these frequencies, then empower that mode of operation. If you can imagine seeing people walking around with their lower and upper halves out of alignment, their torso and head about a foot off from their hips, legs and feet, that’s the image I get.

Here’s the thing, when you are consciously attending to higher octaves, frequencies, spiritual dynamics that are above the purely physical, these positively charged ions can meet in the middle with the planetary frequencies and where they meet, can grow and empower your fusion engine, your heart in alignment with your soul.

Being a healthy conduit and anchor for these extremely fast moving charged particles, requires a bit of intentional grounding and an awareness of how these energies work. I believe this is at least partially why we keep experiencing what some describe as attacks and fear mongering when these big waves come in. Those lower 3 chakras are getting “charged” so to speak.

We have been behaving for a long time as if material and spiritual were two separate existences. They are not. We are composed of energy. We navigate, glue, bind or release these “opposing” forces, guiding with our conscious awareness, dynamically so, when will is added to the equation. Being in awareness and alignment with Divine Will allows for the preparation and knowing of where and how to move these energies for the greatest good.

Keeping your heart focused and in alignment when out and about and among people who have been operating from these lower 3 chakras will help them harmonize and balance these upper chakras. You having your heart chakra activated and large is enough for them to sense, finally, their own upper levels of awareness. In many cases, intentionally or not, they have been cut off from Source, from Soul, from abundant Love and simply need a reminder that it is very real and very much does exist.

As change continues to occur, there may be periods of discomfort and discomfort and change has long been programmed as something to fear. As lightworkers and wayshowers, it would be helpful to remain PRESENT and in alignment during these fluxes. Holding sacred space as people adjust their own frequencies and align themselves finally having a mirror that is not distorted. It is a gift each one of us bring to the table. Being grounded, clear minded, present, these are the tools of ministering spirits. As ministering Spirits you bring love and comfort rather than the fearful and abrupt awakening some of us went through. The difference between waking up to the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of an alarm versus the sun caressing your face and the song of the birds in your ears.

Don’t be as concerned with flooding a person with information or “catching them up” as you are with flooding them with love and assurance. Release the judgments and stories you used to navigate the mind fields and simply appreciate their presence and unique perspective. Perhaps your successful navigation of all those mind tortugas means they don’t have to, they can start their journey where you are now, rather than where you once were, just as those who came and went before us, gave us a further starting point. This is the essence of human nature, to love and nurture, guide and learn from each other. Keeping this in mind, we advance and expand very quickly.

Be good to each other. A new dawn is here and now and quite lovely.


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