Over the Rainbow

You ever feel like writing a song across the sky, a musical crescendo that lets everyone know you are here, you are awake, you got this thing on lock. Ever feel that way and then watch as the sky changes color, shape and volume while you look on in splendor, with pleasure, of Grace.

You ever feel like picking the water up and cascading along the surface of the earth in a dance of waves and majesty, spinning, swirling, holding close, the in and out dance with water, ballerinas in ecstasy.

You ever feel like stretching your arms and wings and heart so wide the earth beneath you and the mountains wake up to become one with your embrace.

The will of the elementals are in harmony with the Divine. It is easy to play with them for they love the play of the Divine, to be seen, to be invigorated with the vitality of Goddess knowing.

The trees know how to breath water.

The mountains know how to move people.

The air cleanses and engulfs with flames of purity.

Every knee shall bow.

Every back shall straighten

Every chord shall be heard.

Before me, I see all distorted waves passing through the mind center being dissolved. I see hearts and higher octave chakras opened, great circles of light expanding. I see joy like bubbles of light and shimmering radiance erupt from earth, from every place the feet of you, the Beloveds, touch. I see your vivacity causing all of Creation to stop, while Time itself bows it’s head, bends it’s knee, and weeps at the glory of your awakened soul. Be free now. Be love now.


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