Convo with Pele

Where Myth and Reality Intersect

Welp… this one is gonna be weird but I’m gonna do it anyways. With some of the bigger events that occur here, past, present, future… a little sprinkle of what some refer to as myth allows for a better, individualized and unique understanding to be achieved. Yay diversity. In other words, I’m going to use the words that make sense to me and I’m going to trust you to use your discernment in translating them into your vehicle of knowing.

So much has occurred over the past little while. Many things that will come out and be talked about as the weeks and summer progress. We are at a new level of understanding that despite linguistic differences is felt and resonating within en total.

I had a conversation with Pele today. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She asked for water. Drank, in fact, 3 of the glasses I brought her, the last of which came from my fountain, that water that courses between my God and me.

A short time before the physical/material effects of this eruption manifested, we had cleared some ancient yuck. A seam was opened to release what needed to be released. Today, she asked for the rest of it. The rest of it, because it needed to happen, had to do with those who would harm innocence purposely (the darkest of dark, the dumbest of dumb, those who would worship their own vileness). I witnessed giant bags of those who did that brought to her, dumped into the ancient, churning flow and then saw as that seam closed afterwards.

Strange stuff. The new “low” is now quite a bit higher than it once was and I will to say thank you to those who held that new low field so balance could be maintained thru this clearing, this much needed purification. I know it’s not the funnest position for a human to be in. Please accept an extended gratitude for your service.

I guess the only thing that remains to be said is a reminder and warning, sometimes those who would seek knowing through “divination” did not always access “future events” so do not consider yourself beholden to their “predictions”. Perhaps the best way to understand that is to accept time as multi-directional navigation. If you have not experienced something in your “reality” and think “linearly” you really have no way of knowing if what you are conjuring an image of, is something “new” or something that has already occurred for others. Keep this in mind when you hear people talk about prophecies and great calamity. We are strong enough to pull through these changes without losing our common sense. That is why we lead with and from the heart.

When you are firmly present in this now, where we are, our combined humanity is more than capable of accessing the levels of consciousness needed to bring great new ways of beingness to our shores without adding sorrow to our plates. It might take quite a bit of finesse but that’s why we’re here, right? To compose a new song and by Grace, to also be the first to hear it.



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