Synchronicities Upon Synchronicities Upon …

Many of us who are “awake” that is, existing in a state where we are paying attention to both our inner and outer worlds, have noticed a multitude of synchronicities. At first it can be a little confusing and almost unsettling. I like to think of synchronicities as little signposts that allow you to test, validate and realize you are indeed interacting with your environment, rather than just being acted upon.

When I was in my early years of what I like to call “discernment training”, my guides would do things like tell me to go into a coffee shop at precisely 4:10, sit in the second seat to the right, drink one cup of coffee and then leave. Sometimes there would be “events”, conversations, teachable moments and other times it was simply a lesson in listening to my Higher Self, “obeying God” to use a different vernacular. I found that listening often gave me an opportunity to brighten someone’s day, holding the door open for someone, smiling, saying hello, helping an old lady across the street type stuff. These things make the world go ‘round way more than people realize. They leave many footprints and evidence of compassion, connection and love.

We often consider these synchronicities as coming from “above” or planted and planned by others, but the easiest way to really get at the heart of the matter is in understanding the nature of our planet. We assume the talk of spiritual matters is somehow separate from the talk of earthly matters. They are one and the same. Those codes, signposts, and triggers your body senses and alerts the mind to, is often the spirit of the planet (of which you are a part) interacting with you.

One of my early tune in’s to numbers happened to be a repeating set I barely remember anymore. I’d see them everywhere, popping out at me like a neon sign. Once I finally set my mind to investigate, I looked the sequence up, just plugged the numbers right into Google and the results turned up titanium. The numbers I was seeing related to the atomic number and a few other attributes of titanium. It was a few years after my last surgery in which titanium was implanted in my lower back. Apparently, my cells were letting me know what they were sensing.

I see these things as a communication tool. Our body, after so long being neglected, is finding new ways to get us to pay attention. Mother earth is assisting, our angels and guides are assisting, all in an effort to get us to wake from the trance, the stupor, the ignorance.

My whole life seems to be one giant synchronicity. Levels and layers and beacons …it gets mind boggling sometimes. I remember the day a few years back where it felt like there was a giant antenna coming out of the top of my head, reaching into the heavens. Now that I know what I do about titanium, this begins to make a lot more sense. I can’t tell you how many times that song by Sia helped me get through a level, a hardship, a challenge.

I watched a video about the Mandela effect the other day and the woman was freaking out about a logo changing color after she said something about a logo changing color asking if the Mandela effect was sentient and responding to her. Somehow the message hasn’t been made clear and it would seem people are afraid of their own co-creative abilities. Dear, dear lady, you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s been a long while since mama has been free to communicate and we have been free enough to hear. The bible says the rocks themselves will call out. It can be weird because we have been taught this planet teeming with life is somehow not alive itself. It is. It just uses a different language. And while there are false synchs and traps at times, the thing to remember is that nothing on planet earth does not contain an element of earth, which means, on the quantum level everything can be traced back to God, Source, The Creator. It took me a while to accept that.

Sometimes the synchronicities can lead to ego imbalance. And by that I mean, create a sense of entitlement, negating all other beings, without whom, there would be nothing to synch with. Let me give you an example. In one of my last blog posts I mentioned sink holes. Lo and behold today I read an article about a sink hole appearing on the white house lawn. This, on the heels of a powwow I was able to attend which turned out to be the 33rd annual, the theme was “in honor of our children”. Our Mother, like our Father, has a great sense of humor but also… doesn’t play around when it comes to certain things. One of those things is assuring their children that they are loved, heard, their efforts appreciated. But just like we give and love and support our kids, and don’t want them turning into spoiled brats, those same forces that can give with abundance can also take with abundance. It is always wise to keep oneself anchored in reality, which is to say in harmony with these forces. Honor and accept your role and place but don’t use it to diminish others. That’s the lesson I have heard most loudly.

I used to worry about this creative ability. Like, what if someone uses it to harm others, what if I make a mistake, what if someone creates something horrible we can’t get rid of!!!? To my understanding, the ability to create gets bigger, more pronounced as you mature. Your intentions are clear. This is why we do the work. This is why we clean out our closets, we ask to be renewed, we seek guidance and understanding. Because with great power, comes great responsibility.

There is an important full moon coming up. May 29th. It is the flower moon or honey moon and it is in 8 degrees Sagittarius. My name relates to honey and bees and I am a Sagittarius. The number 29 also carries great significance. I have a big window of opportunity here to anchor in something I’ve been wanting to do for a great long while, a homestead, a headquarters, a team and a place to heal and train the next generation of healers, make art and maybe even do a little fishing. It’s time. I am ready. But I am also able to transfer some of this abundance on to others. Do write down the things you would like to see in the world, ways to make life just a little bit better for others and let’s see how many people we can lift up with all this help pouring in.

Many blessings and big, big love.


6 thoughts on “Synchronicities Upon Synchronicities Upon …

  1. Wonderful post Melissa. A couple of synchronicities that we share…The wolf is my spirit animal…I followed another blogger “Redwolf” here..and 4/10 happens to be my birthday.

    And thank you for the song recommendation, it’s really uplifting with a great message ❤ Much love sister ❤ Keep on creating those ripples!

    Liked by 1 person

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