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It is interesting… we pass through “portals”, levels of understanding, notches on the great wheel of time’s belt and the coming back together with an amplified amount of Light, can be quite revealing. Such has been my case with this latest round so I’d like to take a stab at explaining where I am at in my understanding of prophecy.

Fate, destiny, will, prophecy. Spirit, Soul, Ascension, mortality. The four-fold testament and the eight arms of the human seeking transcendence.

Like the story of the examination of the elephant (which is symbolic of memory), we can each take a hold of some or other part and though looking at history, (that is to say, a thing already made), proclaim it as prophecy, as evidence of the future. Are you reading from old scripts and thinking it something new?

We all know that for quite a long time we have been staring down the barrel of prophecy. Prophecy that says you have been cursed to toil, if you work, you earn money, if you earn money, you get food, shelter and clothing. Prophecies that describe through myopic views, the cycles of physical creation. Prophecy that says there are ne’er do wells among us that will one day face the wrath of God. Prophecies that describe an anti-christ and a return of Jesus. Within these prophecies there are many more layers, and a multitude of definitions.

If you are able to expand your perspective, you can sense where they all lead… a desire to reconnect with pure consciousness (from which your physical being arose and therefore is not separate from except that you forget this because you are assessing the situation from the perspective of the physical). Since this already exists within you, immutably, there is no path you need to take to get there. It is a remembering, an awakening. Some people may want to take the scenic path to this truth, and that’s ok. There have been many a composer of paths. But you also have the ability to say the path you are taking is the path of a Divine Being and because YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING you’d be right! But so many people really want to know how that one story ends….

I had an interaction with a dude on youtube that fits in nicely with these ponderings and makes sense in light of how these latest energies seem to be kicking up a lot of the past, ghosts being released if you will, memories and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s have been surfacing for healing, for purifying. Here’s what he said to me:

Aether Phoenix

How Much Of This Do You “Truly” Understand? The Level I Am At Alone Is Not According To Mortal Standards, I Do Hope You Are Aware Of That. The Things I Am Telling You Through My Work, Nobody On This Planet Can Teach You. Not Even I Could, If It Was Not For The True Mother GQD Directly Relaying This Information To Me, So I Can Write It Down For You And Others. If You Have Any Questions And The Will To Advance Your Understanding Of Everything, Do Feel Free To Ask Me.

Is it just me or did that motherfucker try to curse me into believing he has some key to immortality or understanding that I do not? He calls his god a mother but he must have a very poor view of women and motherhood if he has come to believe a good mother would ever burden one of her children with too much food, while the others went hungry. A sibling might steal the food off your plate when your mom’s not looking, maybe even blame mom and really confuse the fuck out of you but that just makes this whole thing even funnier (if you feel like looking up the word sibyl or the story about Joseph and his brothers found in Genesis 37, it will shed more light on this).

Let me elucidate my understanding of the number 8, cause the number 8 is connected to a lot of the purging that is occurring. There are 8 legs on a spider. A spider weaves webs. A spider weaves webs to catch prey. It is the nature of a spider to do so. An octopus has 8 legs, when an octopus is scared, it releases ink. It is an octopus’ nature to do so. Often it would appear that humans use this ability, the eight arms of the human seeking transcendence in an attempt to catch God. We weave our tales hoping that God or Truth as it were, will be caught in our net and finally we will have that sucker stuck somewhere so we can finally observe Its nature (or control Its nature).

Can you see how we do this? Jesus said, the Father and I are one. Isn’t it true, also, that the path of enlightenment is to come to the realization that all is indeed one? So, who then is being caught in the stories we weave? Must we always toil our lives away seeking to put words and numbers and ideas to the ineffable when in truth the ineffable lives within us? If you know yourself only by the past, by what you have done, or what has been said, codes and scripts written long ago, where then is your will?

Our Divine Eternal Nature will always resist the boundaries of form. This is the part that I encourage you to access, to accept so that you do not find yourself filling up someone else’s idea or container or role and, thinking you have now finally come to understand yourself, end up having to wonder why it is you still feel the urge to destroy the fucking container.

As we play with the concepts of multiple layers of definition, don’t forget that within you also exists that which has never been and can never be defined. Uncorrupted purity. The eternal soul that does not seek to create, define or limit by any means. This aspect of awareness, of consciousness has no need to experience anything. There is nothing that could be experienced that would or could mirror the absence of all experience. The ego creates because the ego wants to experience and then define the experience, but pure consciousness is separate from all of those stories, it cannot be trapped in the web because the web only exists in time and time cannot be used to define “no time” no matter how hard you try.

Look at it this way, maybe you don’t know how to build a road yet so you drive on one that is already paved. How do you know that the person who created that road did not in fact make one big giant looping piece of roadwork that always leads you right back to where you started? How do you know that the road you have always reliably driven on might not in fact lead to a cliff one day, what was once reliable now covered in lava or a sinkhole? How do you know that the road you are on due to someone else’s direction, is not some labyrinth that does nothing but waste your time when there was a much shorter road that you could have taken?

Prophecy is like that. It is like a road between two points. The points already exist as potentials. Me laying down a path between the two does not create the two, nor does the path define the only way to connect the two.  Once the words are laid down, the creation already exists in the past. In this way, prophecy, like time, is not moving forward, it is moving backwards.

Returning to, turning your own awareness to, the infinite awareness, helps when we are faced with so many roads and maps and definitions. To be or not to be, to define or not to define, they are both irrelevant because you are. Why assume you don’t know what you’re doing?

There are many gods of the physical but they all come from the same Source, as do you. The ego will take credit for everything it sees because it identifies (rightly so) with the defining line. But we all know that the line that is drawn in the shape of a circle does not define what is contained within the circle. If I take a piece of paper and draw a circle on it, and then take a bucket of water and spill it on that drawn circle, the water won’t give a single shit about staying in those boundaries I have drawn. Be wary of people who take credit for stories that have been told in a thousand different ways, the roaring lion walking about, seeking whom (who’s time and energy) it may devour.

I can tell you God told me that flower over there is going to bloom on the 23rd day of the month and when the flower blooms on the 23rd day of the month you may look at me and say, oh wow, this person must really be talking to God and if I was an asshole I could then use that “oh wow” moment to tell you how to run your life. You may be so enamored at the thought of someone catching “God” in a web, you may ignore important and relevant facts. Maybe I’ve been paying a lot of attention to what makes a flower bloom. Maybe I’ve been watching this same flower bloom for decades, maybe everyone in my family for the last two thousand years has been watching this flower bloom and recording the dates, temperatures and so on so none of our children and grandchildren would miss it. Maybe I built a giant wall so that no one but my family knows this flower exists. Maybe I could convince someone I am surely a magician by placing you next to the flower right before it’s about to bloom and saying, abra cadabra I will now make this flower bloom and when it does right on schedule, you might think I have extraordinary powers.

Food for thought anyways. People living in the past will look at you living in the now and believe they are staring at the future and if that future does not line up with their predictions, they might get a little uncomfortable about how much time they’ve been spending swiveling their heads like an owl. Grace and Mercy, no matter how long you study the past or plot the future, are unpredictable. Creation and chaos are best buds, this is why most people cling to pain and suffering and the predictability of death. Some things bear repeating: Choose Life.


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