Targeted Change

I’ve never been one to enjoy competition. Competition creates winners and losers and tends to be lonely fun for the winners. I’ve attempted to avoid it as much as possible. By walking away. By remaining silent. By not playing. I now have a resistance to it, a filter buried within that has this little radar that goes off in the presence of someone seeking to feed their ego by way of competition. Our culture is built on it. My radar goes off a lot.

I had two instances of “targeted activity” directed at me the day before yesterday. And before someone minimizes or dismisses what I am saying by way of “law of attraction” let me be clear, you can’t attract something that doesn’t exist, and ignoring painful realities does nothing to transmute or heal them. I’m a firm believer in bringing things to the Light. It exists and I didn’t create it. I am observing, reporting and creating a pathway towards solution. Some of them aren’t so interested in being left behind. “But you’re not important enough to target”. I know, right!? I must just be crazy. But maybe, just maybe, my crazy will help someone. I can roll with that. Can you?

It isn’t just the “government” spying on people, anyone who has enough money is doing it. There have been algorithms designed to track, which prompt certain other actions. Some of those “other actions” can be employed through smart phones. They are most effective through phones held by children who do not have the spiritual or auric integrity to offer resistance or “filter” the frequency signal emitted. It isn’t fun, but a lot of it is automated, activated by certain key words or phrases and not necessarily personal (i.e. you don’t have to be “important”)…kinda like a very aggressive firewall protecting certain things. Nerd stuff. And just like the nerd stuff that contributed to the use of atomic weapons, I don’t think they necessarily signed up for nor had the foresight to see what this has become. (And yes you should limit your child’s access to smart phones just like all of the tech giant inventor geniuses have said to.)

Money is the root of all evil they say. Is it money or the competition attached to it, the lack matrix, the limited world view where money (rather than health) is the carrot used for all endeavors to motivate humans? Would the competition exist if money didn’t exist? That’s probably a good question to examine. Either way, we have been living in a world which has proclaimed “he with the greatest bank account” the winner. Does it matter how many people were destroyed in the process? No. Does it matter how many times the rules are changed to benefit some and limit others? No. Win at all costs has been the norm for a while and the costs, in case it isn’t clear, is life. Human life. Spiritual Life. Our planet’s life.

What has the winner historically received? A free pass from the struggle? An oasis and throne separated from the agreements that come with being part of human society? Maybe it’s time we create a society that doesn’t need escaping from.

The “matrix” is a competition trap, a literal hunger game scenario that has affected each and every one of us and there is massive healing yet to be done. This has been shown (disclosed) through several movies but the truth still seems a bit too far beyond possible for most to accept, especially for those who don’t relate to “hungry”. The market is the market, where goods are bought, sold, distributed. The competition to capitalize on this without actually adding any value… that is another story entirely, the “real life” SIMS game that plays in the background and shadows.

Competition in and of itself, like money, is not a bad thing. I remember when I was a kid, we’d have these relay races at school. My best friend was way faster than me. She and I would often race but when she went against one of the boys instead, her times were always way faster. She had to try harder to beat them. There is a motivating factor tied to competition that shouldn’t be disregarded. But this particular competition so many are engaged in, has cost many lives and continues to increase rather than decrease suffering. They have forgotten that the goal of something like “Wall street” was not to cause harm but to provide a means to fuel, inspire and fund innovation. But I would be lying if I did not also admit it was/is part of the “experiment”.

All of the unnatural plays we see orchestrated to fix or impact the market, the movies, tv shows, social structures, news reports, commercials that affect people’s emotion, impact the market, now they openly track every move you make, how you respond, what your sign is, to predict (or “stack”) the market. You’re living in the SIMS more often than anyone cares to know. People like to blame it on greed. This has gone way past greed.

It is addiction. It is addiction to the surge of chemicals your body releases when you get a victory. And the sexual stimulation that occurs when you engage in sneaky, risky or deviant behavior. Ask any recovering addict. The behaviors of addicts include lying, denial, manipulation, secrecy, abuse, and blaming others. It can include egregious acts or behaviors that one would normally not engage in because without the addiction (in the control seat), they would find it morally reprehensible.

The other ways we can solve these problems besides treating the addicts, is to change what “winning” means. Negotiating a fair deal, that is winning. Creating products that will improve all life for three generations down the road, that is winning. Reducing irresponsible use of machines, that is winning. Increasing development, opportunity, and community, that is winning. Remaining grounded in compassion for one another, that is winning. Solving any number of the problems facing humanity rather than getting your pot of gold and hiding in a cave because you’re too afraid you’re going to lose it, that is winning. You’ll know it’s winning because more people will be HAPPY. It’s the difference between masturbating and making love. They both might provide climax, and they both might make you happy, but only one is capable of producing a soul.

We’ll get there one day at a time. There is life beyond the game. There is life beyond the social constructs that place us against each other rather than for each other. And just as I can see the “reasons why” behind the addict living on the street, I can see the “reasons why” behind the addict playing the game to fund his way out of society. It is compassion that is needed, not resentment, villainizing and condemnation.

And if we have to hold your hand through every one of these twelve steps… let me introduce you to step two. “We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Most people hear this and think it means giving power away to a separate external being. It doesn’t. The “ourselves” that is being talked about is the false self, the addicted self, the needy and thirsty self, the hungry ghost. It represents the “mind” that was indoctrinated to believe success had nothing to do with discovering your authentic self but earning enough money to buy power or control and then directing/programming the body to perform certain actions to that end. Your higher mind, your authentic self, the gifts yet undiscovered that you bring to the table … these are your power source and they are free.

Maybe you’ve already passed this step… let me remind you, then, of steps 8 and 9. Step Eight: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all (you should include yourself on that list). Step Nine: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. There are many projects that need funding and since there is also an extreme lack of accountability and oversight in local government, it looks to me like the Universe has provided an excellent opportunity for making amends. Take it and create a society you don’t want to escape from.


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