Starseed ~ Hybrid ~ Anomaly

Hey! It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow! Pretty close to that new moon too and you know what thaaaaat means… this is where I try again to heal that stubborn part of me, connected to things I don’t understand, that remains angry and obstinate for reasons I am afraid to examine.

The breeding programs, the hybrids, the new realms we are entering.

This is a shout out to every mother everywhere affected by such who may not have felt the support and validation needed to integrate, heal and make sense of it all. We are many so I’m going to try to give voice and freedom and healing to all of us whose confusion echoes in the etheric fields of our maternal knowing, our maternal heart. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try until you are sure and it is so.

Here we go…. (some me, some channeled, it is what it is. I hear you my brothers and sisters, my children, I hear you and add my voice to yours).

I am calling to the fragments that must be released or integrated. Come home to me now, let’s get real here. We’re all sick of feeling the need to apologize or cow-tow for being weird. And I’m sorry, but some of us break the fucking mold on weird. The blessing and the curse, the vesica piscis, the place in between, the all that and a bag of chips … and the shrug, the whatevs, the when do I get to play?

The fragments that call out “hey we have some memories missing, we’ve been experimented on, tagged, harassed and tracked, and there are parts of my life that are void of validation and healing, because I’m afraid of the full onslaught of memories if I dare to look”. Come. Heal.

Starseed, hybrid, anomaly. That’s not a false ego talking, that’s what I am. My human aspect has, in addition, moved within the Angelic path, holds the keys to some of that rare gold in the Akash having been to Heaven, having many aspects that reside there full time and in unexplainable ways because the Celestial realms defy logic to even the most advanced minds. That’s a lot to try to integrate into an earthly walk where the vast majority of people neither accept the reality of aliens or angels. To accept at once the limits of this human nature that also exists within me and simultaneously revel in the unbound freedom to choose how I create from here with a few extra colors on the spectrum, how to integrate and utilize these aspects of my soul, which is the gift of being a divine human. Yep. It’s a lot. Know you are not alone!

Usually when I say “experimented on” people go to that place written about in movies, the predictive programming that relays the message “aliens abducted you and did horrible things against your will.” No. That is not the experiments I speak of. I am talking about the experiments run by big pharma and western medicine, the beneficiaries of such are the dudes I still need to forgive. Any results that could be considered helpful do not outweigh the cost, the harm incurred and still occurring. The amount of money they make off this unholy bullshit represents the closest thing to my heaven they will experience. It is the key I use to forgive them and hold compassion where anger wishes to grow. I am willing to forgive and that’s something.

Many hybrids are rather aggressively used in this manner and it can make it especially cumbersome to navigate beyond fear to incorporate your extra-terrestrial origins. Those “abductions” people are so fearful of, are usually orchestrated and conducted by humans just to set that record straight. When I speak of hybridization, I’m not talking about an abduction scenario. Though the memories are still quite unclear, I know that part of the reason I was a candidate is because I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck. The likelihood of my survival without the intervention I was given is pretty close to zero. That I also came into a family with a strong foundation in spiritual wisdom and psychic acuity, which could support and contribute to my being able to eventually accept myself, was another mark in my favor. There were other reasons, some of which aren’t relevant to the healing I’m trying to accomplish here.

I wear a “coat of many colors”. It is the reason I am able to negotiate and mediate agreements across a wide chasm of diverse groups. There is a lot of fear around the idea of genetic engineering because of narratives that would present ET’s as so superior to human they should be feared. You might have believed the story that “God” or life stops with human, but nothing supports that claim. Not God as Creator, not the majority of spiritual traditions, not physics, not nature, not anything in fact, except ignorance and a very narrow view of reality. The miasma of genetic heritage most people hold is quite beyond the earth stories we’ve been sold except for maybe that one about the Ark. Regardless of origins, if you’re living on planet earth in a human body, you are an earthling. Good, bad, ugly or Divine, once you are “awake” the choice is up to you.

I will say that it is moving past these stories that allows us to integrate our Galactic heritage and it is an especially important step for starseeds to embrace. You’ll hear of negative aliens and be encouraged to embrace this label or that label. When that happens, remember that none of those labels or storylines exist outside of the True and eternal storyline which is that we are all One. We are both the Created and the Creator. The Director and the Directed. The seer and the seen. No matter where on the infinite field of life you place your perspective, the infinite field remains infinite.

I’m reminded of a quote from the Bible, “truly I tell you, no prophet is without honor except in his own hometown.” This is at the heart of a lot of the angst starseeds and hybrids feel. Your mom, your dad, the people that changed your diaper, your sister, your brother, your best childhood friend, more often than not, no matter how many times you tell them you think you are a starseed or hybrid they’ll deny that claim and may even cause some harm unknowingly in the process. It is actually their role to do such. Because we aren’t living on another planet right now. We are on earth.

Being human, remaining human, and integrating the aspects of our soul’s record that are not, is the whole point. In other words, they are right. And so are you. It is a hard dichotomy to embrace sometimes but finding community with other starseeds and hybrids, helps to support these aspects and gives you the mirror, feedback and understanding that integrating sometimes requires.

I know I’ve held a lot of fear and trauma about being different. I’ve avoided gathering and manifesting situations where I can embrace my differences and meet other hybrids because I am afraid of the same rejection that I got from “humans” for not being “human” enough. It’s funny. My dad always had a hard time with his dual nature, Native dad, German mom, scorned by his rez relatives, harassed by his white city friends. Spirit/physical male/female so many polarities to balance. But the balancing provides the opportunity for growth. Kinda hard to add one more spinning plate when you can’t even stand up straight.

One of the biggest hangups many starseeds and hybrids have is the why me, what’s the point, purpose, what does it mean, what should I be doing…!!!??? The answer is often more simple than we’d like, ask yourself why not you and then, what do you want to do. That’s all there is to it. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.

We’ll get there. One step at a time, kin, one step at a time.


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