Shift Message

This is a message from the Galactic Community.

There has been a consensus agreement reached. Contrary to popular opinion, Gaia has reached stabilization of higher dimensions. Integration continues. Time delays will begin to reduce significantly as embodied codekeepers are working in concert while maintaining independent signatures more easily. This will allow for a more fluid and responsible distribution of activations.

An influx of codes are being downloaded. These codes have been approved for seeding real time change and what is considered 5D reality or new earth here, now and obvious. Observations of use of such templates will be ongoing. “New” technologies will be employed to ensure safety and transparency. That is to say, 5D earth realities will be observable by those not yet holding these frequencies, 5D knowledge and goods will pass easily but harm or intent to harm will not enter the boundaries of these new creations and communities.

End message

A whole lot of information has been coming in. Decisions are getting easier to make as the clearings, release of trauma blockages and bindings/vows/covenants fall away. There are a few things of note from my own observations. One is that we were able to “unchain” many Divine Masculine aspects. Some of those who stepped up to receive this transformation would shock you. Let me just say that a new level of Divine Masculine awakening has occurred, Lightbodies have been activated and stabilized and this will continue unfolding as they get used to life without their etheric chains. I think a lot of us that were doing the work, were a little shocked at how stifled our Male counterparts have actually been. I’d say I’m sorry I didn’t realize this earlier, but you already know my heart.

In addition to this, a little birdy told me to expect a “discovery” that will help to fuel a broader shift in the entire population. The aim or intent I am sensing is to reduce harm and squash a certain amount of antagonism and desire to direct inappropriately. Overall, this should help to remove any potentials for exploiting self-discovery which many more will begin embarking on in earnest and this is the main reason it was and is “approved”.

Of note, group level changes that affect the larger global and galactic network, require that many are given parts of larger template codes within their individual field and they then work together to harmonize those frequencies into actual substance and tangible reality. They are distributed to multiple embodiers because they are simply too large (in terms of impact) than one or two or even ten beings should take on individually. It is a harm reduction measure as well. It works slightly different than individually created manifestations. In some respects, I suppose you could liken it to block-chain technology, a form of decentralization and transparency where/when harmonics and creation is occurring beyond one’s home frequency or dimension as it were. In this way, those who are awakened to their creative abilities are able to offer transparency and therefore teachable models for those not quite as far along on their evolutionary or ascension progress.

I’m not one to say any more than needs to be said. I will add to the above with this, there are many who previously did not comprehend, beginning to see now that what we are being offered far exceeds any beneficials related to strictly personal gain.

Many blessings on our journey.


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