For Real tho’

My mother.

My entire life she has attracted strays of the human variety. She patches them up, lifts their spirits, makes food appear out of thin air to feed their bellies and sends them on their way better than she found them. She’s good at it. She doesn’t take any shit. It really takes a special kind of person to deal with the type of highly dysfunctional people she/we seem best at helping. And she loves to do it, but her heart is about a million times bigger than her pocket book. The resources and scraping and trading we used to get away with twenty years ago is much harder to find these days. Maybe we’re just getting tired. Sending them on their way when jobs that pay enough to get by are scarce, also makes things more difficult.

This is the secret life of most people living in poverty. The exact moment you find yourself with two nickels to rub together you will also find a friend, neighbor or family member that is in desperate need of one. People living in poverty are surrounded by people living in poverty. Some people may be capable of shutting out that reality, and I have often felt the pressure to turn a blind eye and save myself. But “save myself” always seemed to imply entrance into a class of people that are capable of shutting out that reality and the souls that inhabit it. I just haven’t been able to imagine a scenario where I’m walking away from people who are willing to share their last nickel to join the ranks of people who throw away more than they give and never stop to comprehend what that implies as they judge the nickelless. Not that this isn’t changing, it is, but we aren’t out of the woods yet.

I watched my mom cry yesterday, I watched her big old heart leak from her eyes, weeping for the three strays headed her way because she couldn’t say no -again- even though we’re all still living right on the edge of homelessness and she just got the homeless vet with the broken foot sent on his way. And FUUCCCCKKKKKKK  I get why she can’t say no, two little girls under five and a single dad that needs the exact sort of kick in the ass she is gifted in her ability to give but now I have my spirit guides looking at me like, well, little Miss Bridge Builder what are you going to do now? GAhhhhh!!! Is run away an option!!??

Living in this material driven culture with it’s nonstop marketing of pseudo perfection, quick fixes and instant gratification, getting people to see the value in helping someone who is cognitively and emotionally a mess, is not always an easy sell. There is a general misconception that we have systems in place to help and though we do, they are sorely inadequate, in desperate need of upgrades and do not and probably should not, provide the nearly constant guidance some people need. They can and sometimes do, cause more harm than good.

That leaves social networking. I have discovered you don’t get very far unless the audience or receiver comprehends life as fundamentally sacred. You would be appalled at how few people actually hold this belief, this frame of reference. Even relatively spiritually attuned and savvy people will run the calculations in their head before giving money to help the less fortunate. Human life has become classified in a cost/benefit analysis along the same lines as making a decision about which shampoo to buy. “Well this one will make my hair bouncy, but this one will make it smell like strawberries.” ”This person has a 50/50 shot at making it, this one a 70/30.” It is a byproduct of living in a capitalist society, the true psychological and spiritual damage that is resulting still remains undisclosed to or unacknowledged by the vast majority. That narrative has been loud so let me make it crystal clear. The benefit is a world filled with many examples of compassion. The benefit is love. It matters not at all who you help, only that you have a willing heart when they come your way.

Life doesn’t need to be a lottery, some win, some we watch slowly degenerate from lack of food, water or love and pretend that it isn’t happening. We are highly intelligent beings that can actually structure the entire planet towards a more equitable distribution of resources. If it can be organized so efficiently in this unholy way, it sure as shit can be organized in a beneficial way, that’s just logic. We have simply forgotten how to work together, to form basic moral agreements about what we are willing to allow and what we are not.

The number of Americans living in Depression era standards is in the tens of millions. California just surpassed the UK in some or other global economic ranking. It also has the country’s highest homeless population so what the fuck is all that wealth for? What is the purpose? On top of this vast economic inequality we have very real multi-generational trauma, cellular level sludge that is getting kicked up in these energetic fluxes and needs to be healed, not swept under the rug because there’s still way too many people buying into the master race narrative without realizing it.

We live in a society that has fast-tracked itself into a narcissist’s paradise and hitting the reboot button is taking way longer than it should. We are in the timeframe of the great awakening but for all intents and purposes, this great awakening is still very much lacking in progress on the financial end of things and still rife with way too much pomp and circumstance. Do you think the people at the welfare office or the psychiatrist office where the traumatized and vulnerable are being sent are filling them in on the great awakening and their inherent Divinity and Co-Creator abilities? Do you think those traumatized souls even comprehend their own suffering, let alone how to seek a way out of it? I can tell you that they usually don’t. They usually have no idea whatsoever that life can be different.

The intervention usually comes by way of someone like me that speaks the language and isn’t afraid to be around those low vibrations to meet them on their level. Or some other kind soul that can whole heartedly resist the urge to notice or point out errors or “shoulda, couldas” while also being a mirror to the Light within them. Once a person actually senses their own Divinity, the changes tend to unfold naturally over time. This is what is missing from our systems. They provide a strictly material realm type of function and do not recognize or point to spirituality as a solution (and I don’t think we want it to). In my experience these generally are not people who have been exposed to or are aware of things like energy healers or the great awakening so there is a gap to be filled. And gaps need bridges 🙂 so show me how to build this bridge oh wise ones.

The desperate and needy are still flocking to the everyday healers like my mother. The type of caretakers that need help finding resources because our neighbors in need of healing simply do not have anything to exchange but gratitude. Some healers aren’t business savvy, or polished, or comfortable being in front of a camera, but they do know how to love a person back to some base line functioning and stand guard to kick the demons (that like to hang around those vulnerable souls) in the balls.

I’ve said it before but a reminder never hurts, an untold number of Ascended Masters, Bodhisattvas, Angels, and Elders are living among the impoverished right now, waiting, many are sleeping right on the street, just waiting for the awakened to register the level of consciousness that looks past all programming, all physical definitions to peer with their soul and feel, truly feel. I don’t believe that most people are poor because THEIR soul needs the lesson. And the sooner we catch this lesson and start applying it, the sooner we graduate. A certain level of discernment is waiting to be mastered so we can restore relations and peace with each other.

I found this video by Sadhguru and I think it sums up very nicely why it is worth it to keep reaching out, boots on the ground style, to the people living in some of the worst dysfunction and poverty (in whatever form that poverty takes).

Have a Happy Tuesday. May we all know the meaning of the word home when we look into each other’s eyes.

Donations are always welcome, appreciated, and put to good use.


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