We’re coming up to a GIGANTIC gateway. As Life would have it, I’m on bridge building duty this time. Also as Life would have it, the Universe et al, has been preparing me the last few days. Before I get in to the bridge building portion of this written broadcast, let me take a moment to tell you how excited I am for this weekend. Many things are lining up so awesomely. And when I say awesome, I really mean awesome. I have to snap myself out of the slack-jawed gaping this magnanimous time is presenting.

It’s like being a kid sitting on the ground playing Legos, content with your hundred-piece box of odds and ends when suddenly your mom comes in with a 5000-piece box full of colors, shapes and sizes you didn’t even know Lego made! That’s honestly a good analogy of what we’re looking at here. What will we do with those extra 5000 pieces? Will we give some to the kid down the street who doesn’t have any? Will we create a masterpiece and inspire others? Will we become overwhelmed and stick to what we know, the tried and true reds and greens?

Sitting in the co-captain’s chair of our own evolution is exciting and challenging at the same time. The challenges shouldn’t be minimized but neither should the profound joy at the opportunity in front of us, be ignored or bypassed. This is cool shit, man, quite possibly the coolest. I highly encourage you to embrace the winds of change coming in, the energies and love pouring in from all points of the compass.

We have lots of big brothers and sisters who once got that 5000-piece bonus gift from mom and are equally excited to see what we will do, compare notes and advise without being bossy or intrusive. Like the big sister who is away at college and comes home for a weekend visit. She knows things her youngest sibling still in kindergarten doesn’t, couldn’t, but instead of breaking out the physics textbook to get him up to speed, she gets on the floor and lends a hand allowing the young one to give direction, excited to see the finished product and perhaps know her younger sibling (and thus herself) just a little bit better.

I remember when I started writing publicly, how particular I was to avoid certain phrases or concepts in order not to enflame confusion or fear. I knew that talking too much about the Bible or Christ might scare or trigger those who have been judged harshly or were told they were going to be punished for eternity for avoiding the limiting teachings of many churches. I knew that talking too much about ET’s would scare the pragmatists who follow the seeing at 30fps is believing motto. I knew that talking about sacred geometry, channeling, or Eastern mysticism would cause some of my Christian followers to think I was communing with the devil.

After extensive journeying on the many varied paths, I can tell you in good conscience, they all lead to the same place. They all lead to Love and they all lead to re-connection. Whether you examine it from a scientific standpoint, a mystical standpoint or a religious/dogmatic stand point, when all is said and done, we hear the same song played with different instruments. Coming to understand this fully, perhaps we can embrace a level of maturity that allows us to enjoy the differences we see in each other, to get on the floor and build with all these extra pieces together.

Here’s a pretty stellar example that came my way this week that might help bring this point home. I needed something calming to keep my spirits up (so I didn’t get pissed off at another current economic crisis hitting my family and forget that tomorrow always brings change) so I listened to a reading of the Tao Te Ching. I’ve seen it shared many times but never stopped to partake. About halfway through the first ten “chapters”, I realized the descriptions were lining up abnormally well to my understanding of dimensions, their corresponding numerical labeling and the lessons each “frequency” provides.

I waited with somewhat baited breath for chapter 33. Many of us on the awakening path, the gnostics, and others, often associate the number 33 with Jesus. So take a gander at what this chapter in the Book of the Way, states:

Knowing others is wisdom;
Knowing the self is enlightment.
Mastering others requires force;
Mastering the self needs strength.

He who knows he has enough is rich.
Perseverance is a sign of will power.
He who stays where he is endures.
To die but not to perish is to be eternally present.

If I had to sum up the lessons to be learned from the story of Jesus as Christ, this is it. This is what a thorough examination of the scriptures will reveal. I could crack open my big sister who has been beyond these stars’, physics textbook and it will say the same thing. In a different language.

I think it may be helpful to look at the many spiritual paths in front of us as living instruments, playing the song of songs. I think once we fully grasp this, we can begin more fully to use our instruments to create a new melody to sing back to the Universe, to the Creator. We have a long history of breaking each other’s instruments and for a wide variety of reasons. If we could stop, even momentarily, and play together, the crescendo of our orchestral accord, might finally reach our own ears. It may even be more beautiful than we can possibly fathom.


{Just a side note because it’s too cool not to add… after stopping above, feeling like the writing was complete, I checked my word count as I often do. I decided to look up the number sequence having found in the past that these often provide further clarity. And here is what my research revealed in brief: the word count was 952-

“Correction is mentioned by angel number 952. This is making things right. Your youth has been very expensive. It has cost a lot to many people. You have done damages that will take a long time to repair. It is time for you to correct the wrongs.”

Let us embrace the correcting of our wrongs, forgive each other, heal one another, take these brand new instruments being sent our way and renew humanity, truly, truly, renew ourselves and once renewed, be not afraid to co-create, to write, to play a symphony together, once again.}


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