Echoes in the Ethers

Song of the Starseeds….

Expanding your consciousness can range from mildly uncomfortable to raging discomfort to nothing special in particular, depending. In general, I have found it to be a blissful and blessed relief. There are times when it is strangely frustrating. Those times when I’m ready to go 5 times the speed of light and I get unpleasantly reminded that I’m still living in slow-mo world.

I can burn with the fire of a thousand suns when I set my mind to it. I can move energy the size of three planets, calm waves of female emotives, cooling the fierceness of transformation. But ask me where I’m going to be living next week and I’m cowering behind fifteen Angels begging for help. The shift is funny that way. Hurry up and wait. Hurry up. Wait. Ok, now go. But….

We’ve become people capable of seeing very far, processing information at speeds I never thought possible. Learning to fine tune and blend the intellectual benefits with the Spiritual Mastery required to use these insights for something bigger than our little selves. I weave in and out of Unity and Independence. Wishing to move freely, but resisting that inner knowing that if I really want to move freely I have to stop peeking around every corner before I get there, have to cease desiring to know every potential before I can choose. Learning to trust the Higher Self that led me through some terribly painful lessons has not been easy. Waiting for the fruition of those lessons to becomes fully applicable and evident. Examining every nook and cranny for what and where the hold up is already, for the experience of experiences I’ve been waiting on, calling in since before I can remember.

I want reunion. I feel it deep in my soul bones, deep in the core of my Being. To be in the presence and live as a tribe among those who can handle the complexity of my diverse travels, memories, lifetimes lived beyond, the truth and fullness of which, even I can barely accept. To live freely among those who can accept that I am a multitude of Beings, I call on a multitude of helpers, that this body itself can channel consciousness and intelligence far exceeding my own…

I wait. Where is this home, this people who won’t mind me traipsing off to the woods to speak with the faeries and tree spirits? Where is this family that won’t mind as I set myself apart for periods of time to learn again the art of levitation? Where is the kin who will know when I need to attend an intergalactic meeting and happily entertain my son while I negotiate on humanity’s behalf, for the tools and insights that may assist us in easing the return from suffering? Where is my intergalactic Sangha? How much longer will we sit behind screens afraid to show our faces to the world as we walk the path of peace and healing? Where is my Trust? Where is my eco-village? Where is my Saturday afternoon volleyball matches, my evenings shooting hoops, my morning weeding and blessing the crops, my moon walks with my Sisters, my afternoon yogis, my high vibe teach the children Maestros, my artisans of the new age producing co-created content that inspires, teaches, advances all, where is my tribe, where is my City of Light?

If you will to be real, show yourselves. I am ready, accepting of my limitations and flaws. Are you? If not, why not? What can I do to help? The path is clear. When will we accept our nakedness and stop layering on the clothes of illusion and need? Can the breath of God between us ever be enough? Can we allow Grace to cover our misdeeds and embrace a new way of living? Of communion? We have been scattered to the ends of the world, to the ends of the cosmos… we fucked up, we are forgiven, it is time to reunite. The window doesn’t stay open forever. Have you forgotten that too?

These are auspicious times for showing what we learned when we travelled beyond earth. So many ready and willing, literally an inch away from moving beyond fourth density. Be brave with your compassion, let it be the song of the Starseeds. The lesson that remains wherever we roam. God is Love, compassion is life.


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