Happy Renewal

Hello Happy Humans!

We are all looking a little beleaguered at the moment, in need of some refreshment, some re-energizing, some strength. I have to agree with the others, man, you don’t realize how powerful you are, how unbelievably magnificent the truth of your Being actually is. Take a deep breath. I mean it. Take a really deep breath and lean into your astounding presence. So Divine, so much Love, so much tenacity. Each and every being, a fountain of majestic Creation, of Golden Bright Light infusing all it touches. It might be hard to imagine, but it is more real than the banana sitting on your counter.

I remember when I was much younger, not really understanding who I was or what the heck I was doing here. The time in-between epiphanies, communion, advancement were sometimes very long, years even with only short footholds in between the jumping. Those footholds sustained me, those moments of no doubt Divine Presence showing up and guiding, reminding, infusing. WE are all getting a lot better at remembering to hold this space and be each other’s reminders, be each other’s amplifiers, soothers, validators and it is a sight to behold. It has changed everything. We have Mastered the art of keeping the flame burning, burning and being ready and willing to relight, fan, remind any time one of our brothers or sisters ask.

I don’t intend to minimize how deep this purging was. Right in the midst of it, I had to cry out for Mercy. And guess what? Mercy came swiftly to my door and carried me through to the other side. DON’T FORGET TO ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT!

You can find encouragement 24/7 now if you have the will to look for it and stay on course. Back to yourself, back to Grace, back to wholeness. Joy is everywhere, waiting to be sipped like a cool drink on a hot day. Comfort is at the tips of your very own fingers. Give yourself the gift of a warm hug from God, wrap your arms around yourself, hold tight, say I love you, you Beautiful Divine Being you and then pause for a second and actually relish it. Watch and feel as the Universe pours through you, filling your physical vessel with tangibly felt peace, relief, compassion, LOVE.

Say the words, “happy, happy, happy” right out loud, wherever you are, and watch as little sparkles light up your room, watch as the mood shifts and the energy rises. If you’ve been purging your little heart out and I know we have been, remember to push that little imaginary button in your mind’s eye and flush all that debris out of your field. Transmute all that toxic sludge to something useful or ask to have it utterly removed from your reality and returned to Source to be made brand new.

All of my people are through the portal. But they are walking in like they just passed through the heaviest of storms. This has been one of the easier portals in some respects because there wasn’t the old guard of nasties attempting to stop you. But the purging has been very intense. Deep cleaning and clearing out your closets. Be renewed. Be refreshed now. Be filled with Light. Pat yourself on the back. Jump up and down, you are the strength of Universes, healing the entire cosmos with your choices. Divine Creator Beings, your will to be free of impurity, to return to wholeness deserves a moment’s pause. Sense the Angel at your feet, looking up at you with awe and love and loyalty to your commitment.

Take a breath. Drink a caramel latte and let the Universe say thank you for what you have achieved.

Many continued blessings on our journey Butterflies.


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