Higher Mind

What it means to be a Higher Dimensional Being in this NOW.

I’ve been a bit of a filler-in-er, going where needed, holding bridges, gaps, clearing prophetic miscreations, on all levels, wherever and whatever was needed …to Shine Light in dark places, to protect Light in Sacred places, to balance Light in discordant/uneven places. The methods to accomplish such, don’t always translate. Simultaneously expanding consciousness for self, humanity and Galactic kin and clearing the Akashic and Karmic records of my soul and family line, which includes the First Family, the Beginning because that’s how it actually works. The ladder goes both ways. The spiral heals in all directions, up, down, left, right. The following will assist in activating the Higher Mind which will help to support the Light Body integrations and upgrades occurring now full steam.

“Will, seen as distinct from instinct (mechanism for survival) the mind force which compels action or compels inaction.”

A “Free” will would then be that which is unencumbered by sensual desires. Sensual desires are those utilizing, diverting or subverting one’s energy in excess of, or to the neglect of, bodily maintenances. A necessary first hurdle to overcome if access to, inclusion of and/or superior function of LightBody, the “Director of matter in physical body form” is to be useful or effective in supporting and navigating the material plane as primarily Christed spiritual beings, with maximum soul growth unencumbered.

Use of “Director of Matter” is not the same as known particles and memories of particle function organizing around intent and vibration superimposed by emotion/toroidal current direction. Will filtered through emotion and intent rather than Spiritual Wisdom, High Heart Alignment, is more easily manipulated by any of the mechanisms effecting emotion, including thought, stimuli, trauma, variables of auric integrity and so on.

“Director of Matter” includes creating “Matter” rather than moving or manipulating that which already exists. Over reliance on known material form, accessed through DNA related to memory fields interacting with such, can limit “turning on” or utilizing DNA (mini-biological interfacers) for new scenarios if “new scenarios” are not accessible beyond the current biological interface.

Without Sovereign status, as assigned to SOULS, all interactions are pre-determined by known sets of “rules”, definitions, pathways of electrical currents. Electrical currents “light up” when “structured” by resistances or condensed/attracted. Pathways of electrical currents can be corralled, guided, restricted by emotion, mind, or some other force. Water is a superconductor. If there was not a mechanism to dispatch/release electrical currents, everything could be animated in perpetuity.

The LightBody is the mechanism of remembering you are pure awareness, the pre-consciousness interface, from that state attention creates all things THROUGH the vehicle of consciousness which is LIGHT. Only from that state can limits be considered self-imposed.

If it is true that we are this, what are we doing in a body? The body is then the vehicle with which feedback/experience/boundary of form is known, pathways are created. This is what is meant by all things are created for “His” pleasure.

Understanding you are essentially Light particles gathered together in the form of a personality, (the set of Light particles you are essentially responsible for, have always at your disposal, is a way of understanding that) governed by WILL or focus (either your own or by way of a “path”) blood and bone, physical/non-physical are no longer terms that apply. Understanding, KNOWING, this mechanism of your own SELF/BEING transforms your relationship to all other.

Understanding you are Light and all you can imagine is Light, there is no resistance or discord and all can be re-organized by your Will, which is the power behind your personality in form. Those who are successful with a little, will be given more.

Pray ceaselessly for the prosperity, health, and joy of all living beings and the Light will follow the command of your Will and fill/organize the world with that creation. Gratitude increases the potency and speed. Do this for others as you would wish them to do this for you, without judgment or disparity or some days. Be fruitful and multiply. You really can heal the world with your Will. Know this.

Many blessings on your journey.


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