Releasing the predatory response….

Well, it’s been an interesting trip through hell. And by hell, I mean dysfunction. Traversing the landscapes and frequencies that could still use some redirecting, pruning, fine tuning. Putting myself in the hotseat to lay down a pathway out for those stuck in the mire. Correcting misconceptions, releasing bonds, deleting the curses and memories of such.

Sometimes getting to that fertile soil, for new life to be planted and flourished, requires a hands on digging up of hard packed dirt. And so we did.

Like a bride whose long train cleanses everything it touches, our consciousness filled with love must sometimes take circuitous routes back up to nirvana. If they never taste freedom, if they never see light, how will they ever know the difference? Luck?

One of the things I examined pretty closely was the predatory response. We have operated for a long time with the belief that we must compete, that we must earn our right to be what we already are. So… advanced competitions were set up, engaged, until subsumed.

This seemingly hereditary response now exists in the realm of old scripts, old programming, old lessons we learned and relearned and relearned. The difference between a Divine Being, the Divine Kingdom, and what we have been operating under, is trust. It has been hard to reconnect to that Divinity for many due to the confusion of where within the circle of life the human resides. We are so like and unlike everything else we see. It can be quite confusing. For so long, it has been a matter of eat or be eaten. Stuck in a hyperloop of life and death, we allowed humans to become prey, other humans to become predators. Are you animals? Or is the entire cosmos written in your Beingness?

You can see the need to rise in consciousness corresponding to where you put your focus. There resides insect consciousness, elemental consciousness, animal consciousness, immaterial consciousness, physical consciousness, spiritual consciousness, Christ Consciousness, God Consciousness, Galactic or Universal Consciousness and the whole which would be limitless and eternal consciousness. All can be utilized as you function in the world.

For eons we have been playing out animal consciousness, the predator/prey paradigm. This is what people need the most help ascending out of, up from. Accessing your Divine heritage, reconnecting with your spiritual nature, you see it is possible to balance the physical drives with spiritual motivations. Balancing the little self with the Big Self. Our heavy reliance on challenging each other, weighing each other’s strengths and weaknesses has dimmed our shine and limited our knowledge. In the fullness of our Unity, our common core, we can begin to see each other as part of a grand whole that can serve to feed back to the whole, newness and expansion.

Predator/prey, have/have-not, life/death, the cyclical crest and fall. Pursuing a spiritual path allows one to see beyond these limiting beliefs. We, as Divine Ambassadors of Grace, stand on the threshold of greatness, balance, absolution. Here before us is the opportunity to put down our animal drives and come into the light of cooperation, co-creation, acceptance, harmony. You are neither predator, nor prey, you are not beholden to any previous mode of interacting with each other. You can choose ease, love, abundance for each other and when you truly make that choice, in your heart, you will not be able to leave behind your brothers and sisters to continue suffering in the eat or be eaten paradigm. We have come far, I am encouraging you to go farther by making this so on the material realm.

May it be well with you. May understanding the truth of who you are and what you are actually capable of, be the inheritance you both give and receive.




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