AKA, Passing the how not to be an asshole test

I guess that new moon rant needed to come out after all (with some edits)… this is about as Graceful as I get on this subject. It is what it is. If you are a gentle soul, this is not the article for you, it is the best way I have to let a certain element know I hear and love them too.

I watched another one of those “event” videos, I monitor what comes my way because I was giving a prime directive too… make sure they don’t go insane, fill them with love. I am working my hardest to that end and it is a full-time job. Let me just declare for once and for all how sick and tired I am of this bullshit being eaten up and spread like nobody’s business. I’m trying so hard not to get pissed off. Today, it’s not working so well.  When they start talking about shit I just got done saying is a lie and make sure it gets shoved in my face… that’s when I know the assholes are up to their old tricks again. And this one, posted not too long after my previous blog said the exact same thing “no one is coming to save us”. She disabled the comments or I would have said this right fucking there. She must have a smart -pre-cog handler. Yippy skippy. I want you to understand the level of deception playing out here. I want you to fucking wake up. I really, really, really do. The second I can look out at my reality and NOT see evidence of slavery, I’ll change my opinion.

You don’t vibrate your way into wealth when wealth is held by liars and murderers unless you vibrate to the lie or have murder in your heart. Get this through your head. Do I need to explain what “murder in your heart” means?

In the meantime, let me show you how these pieces of shit operate. The whole non-interfering ascended being propaganda comes straight out of the StarGate series which is about as close to full disclosure as anyone is ever going to get, hate to break it to you. How is it possible people are too stupid to see this for what it is? “I live in a happy bubble, my own private heaven on earth, I bear no responsibility whatsoever to any other human anywhere.” THAT’S WHAT RICH PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS DONE!!! Cool! Bravo!! Have you figured out yet how to vibrate the fuck off my planet you reptilian Mk Ultra whore… or… did your ass get left behind because you’re getting too old to breed? (Sorry, that was just my higher-self in protector mode talking).

We are getting upgrade help, and very effective ET/off-world help and we are evolving but in terms of how that relates to spirituality, to ascension, to enlightenment? It is supposed to fuel the MASSIVE amount of healing and restructuring of our society that MUST take place. And of course the people who are profiting off the current system don’t want to lose their leverage point, their power over others and will infiltrate every area of communication and bridge building that could and will accomplish this. There is no way on God’s green earth that the event is meant to create some kind of vacuum of “nobody but me and my feelings” matters, “I’ve done the work so I get the reward of paradise”, “too bad for those poor people who didn’t do the work but they vibrate too low, and might make me feel bad and I have to keep my vibrations up so I can ascend which I have clearly already done because I just told you I did so you should believe me when I tell you this is what the event looks like”. Yea, you’re holding that vibration real well lady jane, what self-discipline you have. Yawn. I learned about the Good Samaritan in kindergarten. That’s what we’re living in right now!!!!!!! I gotta walk by that broken, hurting person because my spiritual cult says I can’t sully myself. Been there, done that.

I think I’ve mentioned before how we are in the “see both the problem and the cause”, “the beginning and end”, the “restaurant at the end of the universe” level of quantum knowledge. The problem: the pseudo-elite are using people from all walks of life as slaves and we can’t figure out how to work together to stop it. The cause: vibrating at a frequency that separates you from others and living in a la-la land bubble and teaching others how to do the same so there is sure to be no one standing in the way of your predatory masters and their prey, i.e. everybody else.

Does it make some kind of sense to you that I should RAISE my vibrations …to vibrate in harmony to rich business folk who harness their right to rule by virtue of intimidation, malice, deception in order to not have to live in poverty? That makes sense to you? Should I tell you pretty lies? Should I LOWER my vibrations in order to hypnotize a bunch of people into buying something they don’t need because everything around me is controlled by the beast because my brothers and sisters just can’t seem to come up with a better way to interact than sucking that dick? Buy and sell. Buy and sell. Buy and sell. But whatever you do, don’t let go of that dick. I hate it when even spiritually gifted people cannot make these connections.

How do traumatized and wounded people vibrate higher? Do they vibrate higher by accepting the fact they musta decided their soul needed that lesson, (which is another lie pushed out from the cyclops) they signed some sort of contract to get molested as a child or have parents that work 70 hours a week to buy them shit that never ever replaces an actual hug just distracts them from the fact that they need one? Do you honestly and truly believe that shit? A contract to be raped and suffer? Really? How do you convince yourself that’s true? Isn’t it more likely (more LOGICAL) that the predatory masters would like you to believe this so you don’t get in the way of their prey? Stop and think please. Does my pointing this out mean I am vibrating as a victim? Fuck you. Wanna meet my pet Dragon, feel the power of my Sword, look me in the eyes and tell me what you see, that I was GIVEN to PROTECT those victims. Lean into that distorted idea of victim mentality, be my guest but call me a victim and I will eat your face. I know exactly who I am.

Has my intelligence somehow not been made clear to you? Does my spiritual knowledge which I haven’t sold but given freely, somehow convince you that I am in poverty because I’m not vibrating high enough? Don’t know my worth? Stop and think please. I’d give anything but my soul to get out of this poverty prison and guess what they’re asking for. All I can say is, when I’m gone, I’m gone but I will be taking my soul with me. Then you won’t have to wonder anymore if I was worth keeping alive.

In the meantime, try to examine this shit with a rational mind. You ever spend time with black people? They are some of the highest vibrating people on the planet. BY DESIGN, as in, WITHOUT EFFORT. That’s why they’ve been hit the worst. You ever spend time with Indigenous people of all colors of the rainbow? They know how to tune into the subtle frequencies of mother earth. That’s why they’ve been hit the worst. Does the truth hurt? It should. It hurts me every fucking day. Do you know why video games were made? By whom? For whom? I do. And THAT’S why I’m in poverty prison. It has absolutely ZERO to do with my ability to hold a high vibration. I talk to Ascended Masters and Angels because my heart is pure. Because I love tenaciously and without remorse. I knock, they answer. Up until very recently, people like me could not talk about our spiritual gifts without experiencing repercussions. BECAUSE ASSHOLES CAN’T HIDE FROM US (even when they’re hiding inside $50,000 suits because souls are more shiny than anything material could ever be so we’re not so easily hypnotized by their trinkets)!!!


I learned at a young age that the quickest and easiest way to raise my vibration -to feel good- despite the fact that my basic needs were not being met, was to make someone else happy, laugh, feel good, loved. It was an easy way to forget for a while. Now that I know what I do about the resonant field, I have to wonder why more people don’t do this more often. So many have taken the route of separation, distraction, numbing…a common form of disassociation and often just as (if not more so) fiercely defended. Gathering material goods gives a quick jolt of happy but as more and more are beginning to realize, it wanes quickly and isn’t very satisfying in the long run.

So it looks to me like the Universe has provided the perfect response to the mental gymnastics Olympic showdown of the millennia on how to defend gross economic inequality in order to not have to feel the cognitive dissonance associated from either our absurd lack of compassion or thousand mile error in judgment and it DOES have to do with raising vibrations and empowerment but not in the way the rep chic (sorry, she very well could just be an MK ultra victim but I feel better when I call her a rep chic when I know how many people can be harmed by her, inadvertently or not and what side of the fence I’ll have to be on, like it or not) was talking about-

  • It isn’t so much holding a high vibration as much as enhancing, -programming- the vibration, with positive qualities so that the water which we live in and are, is supporting us with messages of love, good will, blessings which will increase the overall experience of life on planet earth if for no other reason than it will cause plants to grow more robustly providing more FOOD of better quality for everyone
  • Healing the disassociation, the avoidance behaviors, which might make it a hell of a lot easier to think clearly, work together and actually create the society, both locally and globally the majority of people would like to live in
  • Restore people’s hope and faith in humanity and goodness thereby creating a ripple effect the entire cosmos will also get to experience.


In real life, without having to jump ship, absurd I know, how crazy of me to suggest you might want to think twice about leaving this Garden planet.

Share. Raise the minimum wage, give UBI instead of disability and right fucking now and without an implanted tracking device, rectify the housing situation, it isn’t just a right and common decency, it is essential for public health. If you want more jobs start investing in small businesses instead of wall street. Stop letting those billionaire scumbags get rich by holding the marketplace, we all want and need to use, hostage, taking way more than their fair share, cut, piece of the pie and we all know it. Stop letting them hold the carrot five feet away and tripping us when we run towards it and then kicking us while we’re trying to get up and then convincing us we’re weak and lazy or in some other way defective and recommending large dosages of pharmaceuticals to correct our imbalance so they can get that money from the tax payers that is meant to give us a hand up except we never see it but they get a steady stream of experimental candidates cause they’re sure as shit going to get something out of us besides entertainment. You are funding this abomination in more ways than one. Pay attention. Ignoring people who are suffering and leaving them to die is exactly what they want.

Giving, compassion, acts of kindness, these raise vibrations. And there’s a lot of people that need it. Addressing poverty quickly would raise the vibrations quickly just by the sheer volume of people living in poverty. The alternative from what I’m witnessing is that we go to Source for fuel. Getting that fuel, that unique protein if you will, sets off a chain reaction. That protein plugs into dormant evolutionary traits, many of which just so happen to be things that have often been deemed superpowers. The evolutionary stressors, to use Nassim’s phrase. Do you see how this thing works yet?

I’m over here begging for my crystal child of the rainbow with a big old hunk of titanium in my back life, named Melissa which means HONEY the honeycomb being the shape of STRUCTURED WATER…my last name literally means fountain or one who lives by a fountain while that motherfucker is growing crystals in a lab, precision cutting them, encasing them in TITANIUM and charging 1200 dollars so you can wear it around your neck!!! But I’m the predator because I’m hungry!!? I’m in poverty because my vibration is low!!!?

What the fuck ever. Gas light this assholes. It’s wrong. “But it’s a free market” whine whine babble babble. It isn’t a free market. There are plenty of things we don’t allow to be sold because it’s wrong. People’s lives are at the top of the list and that includes watching and listening to them 24/7so you can sell the information to psychopaths. There’s also a whole bunch of things we ensure because it’s right. From the perspective of the people living this bullshit, gotta give you credit for being so thorough in your investigation of whether or not there was any other possible way to resolve this issue instead of the obvious one: not being assholes and learning to share. It’s not us, it’s you. We are the physically embodied spiritual element you attempted to kick out of your reality.

This now concludes my regularly scheduled new moon rant on our economy. Maybe next month I’ll throw up a kickstarter campaign and try to explain why it might be logical to make sure that I live to see you free. Looks like Nassim and those folks over at EVER pretty much wrote my marketing plan for me.




10 thoughts on “Growl

  1. Such eloquence! LOVE IT!

    Yeah… many so-called “lightworkers” (LWs) are worse than any drug addicts could dream of being. They use ascension, and spirituality in general, as escapism.

    Then you have the Duality camps.

    One example – on one side are those who are SO “worried” about everyone else that they put all their energy “out there” trying to awaken and heal others and don’t get their own healing / inner work done “in here”, which help others more than anything. Then on the other side are those who understand they are to do their inner work, but they don’t understand that even though that is their TOP priority, it’s not all they are here for. It’s just the start. Someone had a post out that the title said it all – “Deal with your own shit, then serve.” BOTH of those are required. But yeah, many “lightworkers” still caught in “either / or” duality and can’t seem to put it all together.

    Then there are more Duality camps amongst the LWs – there are those who don’t know diddly about the global cabal and so don’t know how to unplug / quit participating in the cabal’s agenda. On the other side are those who obsess on the global cabal and all their plans and schemes and keep putting energy into the cabal’s agenda by staying focused on it.

    Then there’s those who understanding Doing, then others who understand Being and yet neither camp seems to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    I so hear ya on this post. I was watching someone who has completed (their ascension process) in the last year or so and yet they know next to nothing about the truth of the mundane world, are still scared to show themselves / shine their light… and think that the way to demonstrate their “spiritual advancement” to the world is by manifesting a mansion on the Riviera. Ya know, ‘cuz low frequency people have never had mansions on the Riviera. lol *shaking head*

    Comments to others – I told someone a while back that I have seriously considered starting another blog that is just that – if I post a comment to someone and they don’t let it through, then I could just post a link to their article on my blog and put my comment there. They couldn’t block that. Gee, what are they scared of that they won’t let dissenting comments through?

    Yes, plenty of “spiritual commerce” types out there… and plenty of suckers to get sucked in by them.

    I’ve talked about how people could stand to do the little things for others… that make a big difference. Ya know, along the lines of what you’re saying – someone needs a buck, a hug, an ear. When they could use something that would mean an awful lot to them in that moment and yet takes such little effort on the other’s part, well, why in the hell isn’t other doing it? But, as you’re talking about, if people are stuck in separation paradigm, they’re lucky if they can even “see” their fellow human, let alone take a second for them.

    Wayne Dyer was on Ellen years ago and said there was a study done where people’s serotonin levels were monitored while someone did something for a stranger. The serotonin levels went up, not just in those doing the giving and receiving, but also in observers. Yep, being good to people makes everyone happy. Go figure.

    Then there’s the really dumb *ss LWs who will say that you’re not to volunteer any info to anyone unless they ask. How exactly does someone ask about something that is beyond their paradigm? If you know something that might help others, offer it up. Exercise some Compassion Non-Attachment – shine your light, but don’t attach to what others do with your info / light.

    Thank you for your rant. It was SO refreshing! 😉

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    1. Yep, I agree and have witnessed the same. Spent some time meditating on a “higher ed” campus today, next to a nice little fountain that seemed ideal for just that sort of thing, you know, the kind of landscaping everyone usually ignores, so my small act of service to both self and others while I was waiting for time to pass was to just point out that sitting in the sun next to flowing water in silence, not such a bad idea and doesn’t have to be awkward. There are a lot of small ways to make a difference and the biggest, like you say, is cleaning your shit out and being present,
      not hidden and not solely serving self which is basically just another way to hide as far as I can tell. Out of the 50 -100 (maybe more) people that crossed my path – 3 – were “awake” 3 (that was kinda weird) and only one was brave enough to talk to me …. and she comes from a line that was never technically “asleep” so… The good news is I didn’t feel or see any of the usual antagonists so the whole day was peaceful, a new kind of peaceful, gives me quite a bit to contemplate. Thank you for your voice, it has helped me more than once!

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      1. And honestly, your suggestion about the comment blog might not be a bad idea. There have been so many programs for so long that we all could use the steady – stop, breathe, did you look at this thing all the way or are you being used to spread something not necessarily helpful – feedback, and the second we think we don’t… well, I don’t even have to finish that sentence do I. 🙂


      2. Well… I’m happy to serve. 😉 Glad it helps. And I mean it when I say you are refreshing. You “get” things in a foundational way and you’re just working out the details, doing the fine-tuning.

        Ok, I’m gonna come right at ya now… the other day I do believe the Divine used me to bring you a message, where I quoted from your post and said it was a great line.

        Now I think this post we’re on is older and yep was a rant (and I hope for your sake that came with a true “release”) but if there was anything I saw that you still fight / resist / struggle with is… owning your own creations. Yep, your life is your own creation. Yep, you DID ask for it… even if at a higher level, at a soul level, even pre-incarnation as could be understood thru things like astrology.

        We are all “subjected” to a lot of crap in this world. In some cases it literally costs folks their lives. But that’s different than being a victim.

        Yep, we DO create our own lives, our own experiences. Yes we DO attract not-so-wonderful experiences to ourselves FOR A REASON. That’d be the thing to “ask” about – what is the reason, the purpose behind it, what am I to get from it? You didn’t create, ya know, just for fun. lol 😉

        Others can and do play a role in our programming and wounding and others can and do also play a role in our healing. I always think of Chiron the Wounded Healer – where we originally have wounds, after we heal, we then often go on to help others with similar wounds.

        Your life is your creation. Own it!

        THAT is the beginning of something new. Time to be a little more conscious about YOUR creations… then you can steer those creative energies where you want.


      3. Test already, huh, ok, I’ll play. The problem usually comes with where the line is drawn, Number 1. Where do my creations stop and someone else’s begin? There’s also the responsibility we have to figure out what Sovereignty actually looks like in a field of many Sovereign Beings. If it’s biggest “imprinter” wins… well, that’s a problem and gives evidence for hive mind control shit. You can tell me until we’re both blue in the face that I asked to be molested, created the scenario on some soul level to perpetrate on an innocent child, I will tell you to never say the word cabal or control ever again. It’s basically giving them free reign to go ahead and use that as a get out of jail free card right at the exact time they are being rounded up for doing it. It is an evil thought and not one I will encourage or carry or accept because I understand FULLY the consequences of such for someone with as much POWER to create as I have. Pass.
        Many other things I do know I created prior to understanding how this realm operates… I remember specifically saying I’d rather be homeless than… and guess what happened and it fuhhhhucking sucked. Great lesson, but very painful and that one little sentence was used to propel some very negative shit on top of and very much outside of my direction. If everyone as far as my heart can feel is my creation, that changes quite a bit… that is what I am currently testing. Ethics. Common sense. I’d appreciate a world where these also have their place front and center… the natural world explains a lot, we don’t generally expect a seed to produce flowers until it has actually erupted and grown some roots. We should be mindful of how tightly we expect people to “control” a world that is actually shared with many beings, not all of whom, would I consider “Creators”. I’m not trying to grab a front row seat in simulated reality.
        So, yea, some I have created, some I haven’t, most people can’t tell the difference because they see through their own lenses. It is what it is, always a work in progress.


  2. Yep Melissa, if it wouldn’t have happened to you, perhaps you wouldn’t be SO very adamant about GETTING THIS CRAP TO STOP IN THIS WORLD.

    But the “in here” creates the “out there”. You don’t fix the “out there” actually out there. That’d be like walking up to a mirror, seeing you have something on your face… and trying to wipe it off in your reflection.

    You are the piece of all this that you have much of anything resembling control over. Your healing is yours to do… regardless of what wounds you have or who helped ya get ’em.

    You have AWESOME Outrage Energy – “How do you use your superpowers?” Yep, the buck stops with you. You’re here to make sure this crap doesn’t happen to the next person.

    … and somewhere in all this, it might serve you to pull up out of your own drama and acknowledge, as real as the experiences are, we are in a video game. You check out of here, thru the death portal or the ascension portal and on the other side of the veil… you laugh. “What a ride!”

    And yep, knowing what is “yours” and what is “other’s” is a big part of all this Sovereignty thing.

    Yeah, this world has been utter Hell. I’ve said for years “Sure glad this is almost over – nothing this out of balance could possibly last much longer.” 😉

    Love ya Melissa. I’ve said my piece. I have no attachment to what you do or don’t do with it.


    1. Video game pretty much says it all… you video gamers don’t often remember what you have come back to – the pre-video game and very real world. Reincarnation is a bitch ain’t it. You don’t love me. This is not love. This is excusing bad behavior, blaming the victim, gaslighting at it’s finest, another MK Ultra pony, cool, never enough of them is there… pointing fingers at someone who was harmed that you do not know the full story of, ASSUMING A SHIT TON IN THE PROCESS, looks like another case of projection, being used by those who would like to shut me up. You better hope there is no attachment to me … thanks for taking the bait, it makes it much easier to clean up this type of programming.


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