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Passing the Jesus Tests

Both the easiest and hardest of all the tests. I’ll try to keep this brief. Everything I learned about how to be a Spiritual Maverick who is also a rational, common sense loving regular old human who knows how to choose righteousness as a way of life, I learned from studying and asking and being guided by the Truth that is Jesus. Don’t let the name trigger you.

Whether you want to admit it or not, it is His realm that you reside in if you are here on this rock right now with me. And herein lies a whole bunch of angst because I could literally write for a thousand years all the ways the truth of this place could be filtered through this understanding, but you’d still search for the exception.

In the searching for exceptions, you grow, but yet remain tied to this foundation. Because the foundation is love, without which, you cease to exist because you only exist as an expression of love. The great paradox.

I watched a video about “the event” yesterday, a bunch of truths that were laced with a couple of not truths. Isn’t that what always shows up? There are exceptions, but these are few and far between. I suppose that is what is meant by “a tiny bit of leaven, leavens the whole loaf”. This is what happens when “truths” are regurgitated without thorough knowing -or embodiment- of the truths. It’s easy to talk the talk, a well-trained three-year old, an orangutan taught sign language, could do it. But walking the walk without talking… that is the art of embodiment. As you can see, I am still learning this myself.

So let me just parcel this out so you can notice it when you see it. It had to do with claiming the I AM presence while simultaneously stating no one’s coming to save us. Unless you run your own farm, know how to build every single thing you have ever touched or used in your life, including air, including water, including fire… you have been “saved” every moment of your life. There is nothing here that is not a lesson in love, in Grace, nothing. There is nothing in the future, nothing in the past, no mode of technology, no tool, no atrocity, no miracle, nothing that does not at it’s core, teach you about love.

What would be so fucking awesome is if someday and somehow we finally learn to accept this and lean into it, realize failure has never been a part of the equation, there is literally nothing that has the power to somehow take us away from this truth.

What I find happens to the misfortunate who try to take on the I AM presence without an understanding of what this means… is a brick wall of self-deception which induces a karmic response. You are always brought back to love. Because we all fall short. Maybe you haven’t examined the place within you that would not lay down their life for another human but if you pause to reflect, you will see a whole society built up around this inability. You will also see, if you can stand the baptism of fire this revelation will grant you, that for all your efforts, in the twinkling of a few natural disasters you could be reduced to evolution 101. Could you evolve yourself back into human from the amoeba, from an atom, from just a memory in the quantum field? It’s easy to say I AM but not so easy if I AM says lays down your life. Do I have to write out the secret in that sentence?

The Jesus tests are about being humble and righteous with your power. Being righteous means practicing the path of the Buddha. They are not separate, they are in fact the same. What Jesus offers is a reminder, that you will succeed because of Grace. That all paths are made straight through Grace. While simultaneously knowing that Grace does not absolve you of your duty to grow. When you understand that the God Head, the Supreme Being, the Big You, seeks to grow … because that’s what life is… you are free. You will always be saved, you are not separate from the principles which drive all life.

The story has been told endlessly, repeatedly translated, shared through music, through denial, through science, through rejection, through distortion, through the lie, through the Truth, through every culture, every frequency. It doesn’t change.

Where Buddha took a nibble and Jesus ate the whole fucking apple, poison and all, you are being asked to cherish the fruit, to reap the reward, to accept and embody Grace. It is the logical next step. It is the picking up where they left off and the return to the Beginning. To do this more quickly, more easily, more joyfully, examine where you are not doing this in relation to yourself, in relation to others, in your constant need for proof, and let Grace form you into a Graceful Being, unsullied, without need. And from this place, turn then to those who are hungry and feed them. BE Grace. BE blessing. BE love. Remember that it is hard to shoot the breeze with someone who is well-fed while you are hungry… and be grateful for the Devil too because you fell so far from knowing Grace that it was his ass that had to save you, provide you a safety net and in that way, the devil is also Jesus. Don’t let the name trigger you.




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