Christos Sophia

Christos Sophia

I’m coming to one of the harder tests as I return my world to some semblance of order without closing the doors and windows and openings for change. I thought it would be wise to write this one out. This one has many layers and the layers, the mud, hide the growing blossom that wills to arise. Christos Sophia, the wisdom of the Christ, the intuition of the Feminine, the relationship between father and daughter… and husband. The subtle depths are hard to see when the reflections are so distorted in between. Original sin and the concept that has been articulated but not fully embraced or understood: to live by the sword is to die by the sword.

I ponder how much easier this test would be to grasp, align, relay if I could find that Golden Thread that secured my belief that in their hearts, men do not fear women but truly love them. Can you fear what you love? Can you love what you fear? It appears to us all that the system we have designed is an attempt to subdue, force, replicate, control, the creative force which is also the intuitive force. Which is the female as giver erupting from seemingly nothing to fill a need, a space, a void. You create what is needed, what adds. You know it is needed before the need arises. This is intuition. Do you love women? Do you love, appreciate, support our roles in this process? Do you lack understanding? What is the source of your fear? That which creates also destroys? Is that it? Or is it the chance, that we will look at you and find you not quite up to par if we are using our Father as a measuring rod? Can we begin to see that what is true for you, is also true for us as we look at the majesty of our Garden home, as we look at the ability of Gaia, to create life for you without us? How to restore trust between us? How to get the point where we can once again cling to each other?

The story of the Christ has been told repeatedly from the masculine perspective. Can we willingly choose to examine this from the woman’s point of view? The source of fear resides there for many. A woman gave birth to a child that changed the entire world without her husband’s seed. Isn’t that every man’s greatest fear? Is it not also every woman’s fear to bring a child into the world with the potential to redirect the creative force, change history, change our species… and have that child killed by a competing male who would prefer to progenate his own lineage, like the male lion that kills a competitor’s offspring in order to encourage the female to become fertile and mate, submit? Will you ever come up out of the animal kingdom, the level of consciousness and creation which is not yours but to one that is not governed solely by evolutionary gardening but by your will applied to the evolutionary potential that exists in the entirety of all existence, including that which exists solely as “unknown”?

Do you see the path that suggest a man’s death allows him to re-enter the womb, the cleansing blood of the female, the Sophia, free of all sin, fresh slate? Can you see the distortions in the understanding of this storyline? How it relates to the material realm in a broader examination? Will the Goddess ever accept her true nature? Will she come to understand we have no need for protection, we have no need for seed, we only have need for a receptacle of our love?

Hello Adam, it’s been a long time.

I like to look at things from the broader perspective, carry the winds of righteousness down into the field from above, resist the urge to fill in each and every gap… peel back these veils with one another, in unity we create a new story. Because the alternative, what is presented to be cleared in the field, the needless death and destruction … every woman who has to hide her beauty for fear of being raped, every man who must hide his beauty for fear of being killed, the plans, the plots, the deception … to gain advantage, to subdue and rule over others… what you want is love and to get it, you must open, you must become the receptacle because love is actually all there is.  Everything else is insanity and false witness.

To live by the sword is to die by the sword because you create a belief in death. Belief in death is the original sin. Your world is built around it. Come out of the lie. Choose life.



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