Yep, It’s a Progress Report

To Be Continued…

Holy Hannah it’s been a long road. This here, this is a message from just plain old me. The girl who loved God so much she tried to save the world just to get Him to stop being so sad. And He was, and our Mother was pissed, but we did, my friends, we saved the world. So many heard the call, even more answered, more than was expected, more than we could have guessed and some from places we didn’t even know existed!

What I lost in the process, what I gave up, what I faced, how many times they tried to kill me, break my heart, tempt me, hurt, attack, stalk those I love, words can’t do justice to the torture that some of us on the front lines of this battle have been through. If you know, you know, if you don’t be glad. We are the stuff that legends are made of and I thank you for walking with me through the fire to close the gates of hell for once and for all and delete the remnants from our memory. Some things just must be done.

I signed up for MeWe today. Staring at my profile page, it hit me … how long it’s been since I could contemplate what I wanted to express rather than what needed to be, had to be, because every time I scratched my nose I was being recorded. Couldn’t ever record a video or teach for fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time with the wrong people watching and they were always watching and they were never shy about letting me know. I had to shed a tear as I remembered the state of mind I was in and what I had hoped to get out of facebook when I engaged with it more heavily a few years ago and how far from that reality it turned out to be.

I didn’t end homelessness. Didn’t even end my own tenuous situation, barely sold 15 books because I couldn’t get past how disgusting the targeted marketing set-up was, but I do see that the narrative has truly changed. There are people stronger than I that have taken up that banner and this too brings a tear to my eye. Literally. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have my faith in humanity restored, redeemed, renewed.

What can you say about a group of humans who are willing to say no, fearlessly, to the worst of the worst, and declare and really mean it: WE ARE LOVE, WE DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING LESS THAN THAT. And Spirit started talking right there in our midst and every time we’d start getting lost, there it was bringing us right back, telling us be brave, be wise, you got this. It was, in actuality, psychological and spiritual warfare on levels you just don’t want or need to know. Know that we did our job. And we did. And God couldn’t help joining in cause we’re so badass like that, call it what you will, that Force was visible in a way it hasn’t been for a very long time.

The migration off of facebook may take some time. At the moment, I don’t see much point in sticking around but I’ll weigh that as I go. Head honcho over there was given his opportunity to come clean and he did not. That’s not my problem but I’m certainly not going to support someone that doesn’t mind lying to me, to my friends and to Congress. I believe in change, transformation, upgrading, not destruction, not torture, not pissing in the face of other people’s current lives and potential futures.

There is a huge chasm between the set of agreements we the people choose to abide by and a bunch of assholes throwing those agreements out the window and doing whatever the hell they want. In other words, I’m not anti-government, I’m anti-corruption, wherever it shows up. A future where these agreements are worked out a little closer to home and with a lot more personal consideration is getting easier to see every day. I was hoping facebook was going to be a part of that. It was where I finally got to meet and talk with people who had gifts, who were weird like me and a whole bunch of other people who didn’t seem to mind at all. In that way, it was a beautiful thing. But something that big has to belong to the people because if it doesn’t, it creates problems and pathways we have no need to ever travel down again.

IMHO 🙂 I believe it’s time to move the first wave up. The field is stable and I think we all could use some R & R. The young ones have been watching closely and are just chomping at the bit to shower us with joy and laughter. Let’s make sure they have safe places to tell us their awesome ideas, so we can get these things funded and rolling, ok? If you are in agreement… here’s to making being human great again.

Peace ❤


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