The Angel of Light

Healing a traumatic distortion and memory…

One of the more interesting aspects of this time is the ability to see the overlap, the beginning of the things we are currently ending. When these beginnings are noticed, we can delete, mute, rewrite, demagnetize, infuse with love so the memory (the imprint on the sacred field of unity consciousness) is not repeated and made manifest, brought into the future we are creating of peace, harmony, love and balance. Just like you don’t set a steak knife in your kid’s sock drawer, you do not leave weapons of separation, power over others, confusion, demands for submission or other distortions that need and can be healed, in the etheric when you notice them. We watched a little boy, aged 7, overnight not too long ago and he was asleep for about 2.2 minutes when his little astral self came wandering into the living room where I was doing my nightly Reiki and meditation routine. As mothers and fathers of our future, it is important we keep the kids safe every where they may roam.

As things are disintegrating, because that’s what the Purifier brings (and we are in the cycle of Purification currently) those with eyes to see have easy observation of where and in which timeline, a perceived distortion originates. This is excessively visible as they try to recreate it and having no other means, must recreate from the old and hope to slip it into the new unnoticed. The more people become aware and awake and connected to Love, the more obvious these attempts and distortions become until they eventually and finally give up trying and truly come to the Light and operate from a place of knowing Love loves them too, no need to fight or elbow others out of the way, just an embrace and acceptance and deep look within. It is a freedom they are afraid to taste but we can help with this by standing strong in our intention to heal, love, transmute, embrace and release to the Divine.

Not losing my Heavenly roots has made this pretty easy for me to address swiftly when they are brought to my awareness. These stories have cleared more levels in this game than you’d believe because things on the quantum level kinda defy words sometimes. Let me attempt to give you an example with the intent of assisting other healers or those in need of healing who may come across this to avoid a pitfall or trap. Just bear with me, what doesn’t make sense to your mind, will make sense on that soul level if you take whatever triggers a question in you and ask for Clarity and Love to show you the answer.

So many women I know who are gifted have been harmed sexually and a large number were harmed as children. If I had to harken a guess, I’d say it reminds me of the spiritual equivalent of something that happened to my dad once. He was jumped and beaten within inches of life in a gang initiation ritual. Kill a white dude to get in type thing. They didn’t realize he wasn’t “white” and as he lay on the gurney in the hospital and his spirit heard the doctor say he wasn’t going to make it, let’s not waste our time, the warrior in him, that RED blood in him, rose up and fought to bring himself back to life. And it did. Similarly, they “jump” us spiritually gifteds and then harnass, harass and eventually sell back to us the cure for the fucking disease they caused. Brutal game right? Shall we heal this one collectively? I’d be very, very grateful if you would call on your Highest and Purest Self and soothe these deeply troubled wounds that are surfacing.

I heal this kind of “collective memory” big stuff in layers. The first thing I look for is the key to access the Heavenly code. In this case, the key resided with the story of the one who comes as an “Angel of Light”. This is then brought into the field. I notice how this story can be used to heal this situation where a woman who was harmed sexually must then seek healing from a man who is part of a clan that engages in ritual abuse of this manner. The angel of light is a marker for us to heal the physical thing. The angel itself is not and could not be anything other than of God. The angel is not the evil thing, the act perpetrated is and this angel holds the light to dissolve the relationship, the quantum entanglement. The angel allows us to see how this gets reflected when we allow someone who is not pure of heart and intent to sell us spiritual freedom, to sell us back the Divine heritage they somehow managed to convince us they stole. And in the convincing we give it away (give them our light as a cloak) perpetuating the cycle we are trying to dissolve. They didn’t steal it, they couldn’t, it is right there inside of you and all around you and always has been, just turn, just look, just accept that you are loved and nothing can separate you from it, even YOU with all your Divine power cannot separate YOU from all your Divine lineage. It is a paradox, yet true.

The second issue is looking at where in the timelines the duality is worse, the hold, friction, pain of separation strongest with regards to what I am addressing. In this case it is in the patriarchal domination and forced submission of the creative and powerful urge of the feminine. I asked the Divine Masculine to stand with me, to be present in my space, to allow me room to feel this and release it without being disturbed, knowing “he” has my back, and my sisters have his back. I release it until there is no more distrust between us, no separation due to fear in my being and I have returned to a state of pure and free flowing love. This is why we release and heal the traumas, so we are not constricting or blocking the flow of love. The Divine Masculine stands as protector and witness, it honors and respects and embraces this aspect of it’s nature. As such, it becomes the receptacle for the Divine Feminine to flow an outpouring of love to and a new and positive loving cycle (quantum point/marker) begins. This is how I reset the field.

I think there is an old saying somewhere about not inviting a vampire in or something of that nature. I don’t want to discourage anyone from seeking assistance in healing but there are things you need to look out for. And one of the big ones is someone saying they are the only one with that ability or in any way directing you to them instead of yourself or God or having an open heart that is also willing to show you to another healer who they trust if someone else may be better suited to your needs. They should all be encouraging a healthy diet, lots of pure water, grounding and harmonizing with nature, exercise, healthy boundaries, finding and encouraging you to embrace your passion and purpose, and setting aside time for quiet mediation, silent reflection and reconnecting. A true healer will offer sacred space, an ear, attention and nonjudgment, encouragement and many will have already done the work to heal themselves and are offering their hard-learned gifts and mastery as a way to give back. If you are in any way ever unsure, ask for discernment, ask the Holy Spirit to make it clear. Ask to be shown what your true state of complete health looks like and to be given the strength, resources and tools to take the steps to achieve it.

Our competitive and fast paced society might have you thinking you need to rush your healing, you may want to rush engaging the process, but true healing unfolds naturally, at a pace your whole self can handle and comes with lots of love, patience and compassion from the Universe. Having a sacred witness and someone who has been there is extremely helpful. I would not be as far along as I am had I not been healed by other practioners. Reiki, sound healing, working with crystals, sage, sweetgrass and cedar can all be profoundly helpful and because there are ample healers with this knowledge you have the options to choose the person that resonates with your soul. Don’t go for the flash or the promises or even years of experience, go for the heart and make sure it somehow reminds you of your own… cause the goal is to reconnect you with that.

I hope this helps. Many blessings on our journey of co-creating massive awesomeness for every single soul.


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