Understanding The Soul

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

This is a problem of the ego. This problem has been compounded because of ego but let’s unpack it just for kicks. Your ego is programmable. Your soul is not. You, as ego, use language, syntax, definition. Your soul does not. Soul is not definable, constrainable, limitable by any means. Soul is a titch different from spirit and this is what usually confuses people.

Spirit is the means by which all things can be communicated. Spirit is energy. It can be both visible, material or invisible and “immaterial”. It can form a network. It can travel pathways like electrical currents do, or take up space like a gas does or move through chemical and matter. How far this network reaches depends on how big your spirit is. How big your spirit is, was designed to be a product of your soul. BUT your spirit can also be connected to other spirits making your network bigger (through resonance). This is often the route taken when a soul is ignored or in lieu of a soul which is large enough to drive (attend to) a broader self-perpetuated network.

What some call Source and I call God can also be understood as the Creator Soul. The original source of life. The soul is the source of Light, what allows you to comprehend, attend to, give life to. The Heart is the personality, the water, through which this Light is expressed, shared on that spiritual network. It is where you the individual, encoded by virtue of having a soul with the qualities of the Creator Soul, meet the world and form a combination, a union of new potential with that which has always been, otherwise known as everything else. When you are connected, consciously aware of, that part within you, you can use that Light to give life to things. ON purpose. When that part within you that is aware it can give life to things, seeks advice and counsel of the Creator Soul, the original source of life, what you create generally comes with some wisdom.

When you go deeper into wisdom, you realize how comfortable it is to observe, as a child, that there is perfection, too, in not creating, but simply being. It is here where wisdom is truly mastered. Knowing that there is also a choice that can be made, safely and with love, to create or not, to move or stay, to float or paddle. To know why to make those choices, is intelligence. If wisdom was easy, everyone would have it. So there is also Grace. Wisdom is earned. Discernment is a gift. Prudence is taught.

Soul is intimately connected to will. Without that creative/creator fire, there really isn’t a true will that could be said to emanate life force or imprint original content to the spiritual field. There are ways to grow and feed a soul. These could be considered Universal Laws once the seals on this particular brand of physics is unveiled and it can be communicated with some neutral language. What we perceive to be consciousness is best described as sound. Self-aware sound. Sound that can be or not be expressed without changing the fact that it is fundamentally sound.

Those spiritual networks are where we have a tendency to define, judge, choose. Somewhere along the way, it became reflected. The spiritual networks fed the soul rather than the other way around. A spiritual network can be corrupted, because they overlap. Spiritual networks are groups of similar patterns or vehicles of communication. The soul is your own personal akash, the place where you can upload and download, remember, prune, information. You can think of it as a self-aware zip drive.

If you can understand spirit as communication, things might get a little easier. If you can learn to navigate spiritual dimensions and frequencies of information, allowing your soul and heart to be the primary driver, rather than getting lost in currents and seas of information, you will not be so easily manipulated. What you are connected to by way of your senses and what you access by way of intent, feeds (forms) your soul, and eventually makes up the signature that is unique to you.

There is that which is called the Holy Spirit. The information emanating from Creator, funneled here through the Christ so it is accessible on this plane, this realm, has the keys to purity. Purity allows a soul to grow unencumbered. Friction by way of trauma, distractions by way of spiritual (information) networks that do not feed or grow a soul has stunted many being’s soul growth. The soul is the means by which you would travel through “time”, on a quantum level. A soul fully equipped with the codex of the body, could take it with them, so to speak. Soul is the vehicle of evolution and change or no evolution and no change.

Here’s an easy way to understand this and why it is important. You can observe a tree, consider the tree a spiritual information unit and network. The soul as perceiver can glean the ingredients that allow the tree to make use of sunlight, water and soil to feed itself. The mind serving the body as driver observes the tree and figures out how to manipulate the matter -rather than the information- into something that the body can use. The soul as driver might garner the information and feed to the body (program/create) the keys with which to turn sunlight and water into energy that sustains, grows and heals the body. Expanding your awareness of spiritual networks, information, to more than what you observe through the primary vehicle of the body allows you to grow a soul that is capable of moving beyond the physical plane you currently exist in.

This is why it was said, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.

Many blessings on your journey.


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