The Tests ~ Part 2

Let me see if I can get the rest of this out of me so I can get on with my life and let the chips fall where they may. Big Dog from out yonder had some things to say … I usually try to take the information express and rearrange it in my own words but …well, it is what it is.

Let me give you another thought experiment, they really seem to be the easiest way to get a huge chunk of information zip filed to your noggin. As in, I’ll give you an outline, you fill in the pieces yourself.

Imagine that the world as we know it came undone, and by world I don’t mean just little ol’ planet earth, but every known thing this side of the Galactic Mississippi as it were. We are present at both the moment of what has euphemistically been termed the big bang and we are also present but mostly unaware of the coming back together. The going out, the coming back, the inhale, the exhale, the moment of awakening and all parts to and fro. That is actually what you have in front of you. What you have been doing is cycling in and out of memories. What a vast plethora of evolved beings have been attempting to get you to realize, is that there are choices in the coming back together. You can see a memory or story line, observe, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it out to the fullest. Past traumas will act like magnets whether you like it or not, whether you remember them or not. Lovers, important relationships, these too act like magnets whether you like it or not. That pull of unfinished business, that ungranted wish, that desire never quite satiated… is a magnet. This is the bigger picture view.

What they describe as physics, is in fact also karma. What is described as evolution is an offshoot of both karma and physics, or the rules governing this Universe if you will. Where consciousness truly fits into this, most are not ready to acknowledge. So I will acquiesce on that subject with this  … it most certainly is not simply and only energy, energy is just a useful way to describe it from where we stand, but it is much more and I really do not yet have sufficient words to describe it (in our common languages) at this time.

Signposts and assistance, markers and roadblocks have been placed where the great clean up, where conscious attention has been drawn and fragments of confusion and traps cleared. That space which differentiates “clean” and “not clean” results in a temporal shift… like a dam that must rise the waters for the boat to continue navigating on the river, if you can relate. The cause of the big bang is many. As in, there wasn’t just one. This is an event that has repeated. It is in the resonance of this particular Universe. In order to get out of that cycle, you need to stop repeatedly playing out the parts of memories and loops and previously tried and tested shit that doesn’t work. It is your Central Sun and reminder, but it need not be anything more. Think quantumly if this is hard to grasp.

A long time ago this corner of the Galaxy was deemed a “black hole”. The magnetizing too strong for anyone to pull back out of. Over the last few linear years, we have been pulling out of that “black hole”. I don’t know how to explain this one any better. It is nothing short of a miracle. Healing the traumas that occurred while stuck in that black hole doesn’t seem to be on a lot of people’s short list. And the result of that is a whole lot of dissociative identity disordered beings who don’t know where they came from, where they’re going or what they are capable of. There have been many “rescue” crews from other galaxies and alternate times (and rescue crews for those crews) and this is how and when some of the atrocities that occurred on your planet were discovered. A prime example being the mining and slave trade. What most likely started out as a protection from a repetitive cycle of life and death, birth and catastrophe came with unintended consequences that might be hard for most to bear.

Once a temporal juncture, or portal to use a more easily recognized word, is established, entry in and out of a “black hole” is possible though the planet itself remained encased so to speak. Beings that became aware were cordoned off and this is why there is such discrepancy in evolutionary abilities, why you have what are described as dimensions and why they have been “hidden” and how it was possible for this to snowball into the thing it has become. It isn’t any more natural to have a 9th dimensional being unable to directly relate to your kind than it would be to separate all grandparents and elderly from children.

The entirety of the larger cosmos is before you. Do you understand yet what that means? Everything you have known has been a projection. Everything. Memories on repeat. There isn’t one human history, there are endless and infinite arrangements that the shattered consciousness of this Universe as the whole sentient Being it once was, has been trying to make sense of, which has been way more difficult than it ever needed to be … it’s one thing to want to kill your God, it’s another thing entirely to not realize you are part of it and what you are essentially engaging in is some sort of weird ass repetitive suicidal ideation. From an outsider’s perspective you’re a bunch of fucking nihilistic weirdos. So you got quarantined. You got investigated. You got examined, researched, tested. Plans were drawn up, scratched, drawn up again, ethical considerations went on endlessly. So before you get to the stage where you re-create your actual God with a false god (again) and go through another “big bang” scenario (yet again)… an intervention will be and has been made. It is what it is.

This is the smaller, or more local, picture. There are humans that made it out, some through duplicitous means. Some through treacherous and straight up vile means. There are humans that were purposely contacted. There are humans that have hidden within temporal bubbles and realms and kept on evolving even in the “black hole”. There are “starseeds” and “galactics” who went in and more often than not, forgot who they were or why they were there. There are those that have already been through this scenario and have chosen to come back despite the difference in evolutionary trajectories and absolutely zero obligation to free you from the magnetizing quality of reliving this experience yet again. The rest of the larger arena, all sides of the Galactic Mississippi would like you to understand what it would be like to have a neighbor that blows their house up every couple of weeks not giving a shit if the debris breaks your windows or not. How many times would you put that neighbor through rehab and counseling only to have them return, forget their promises and do it again and again and again before you took some other action?

Anyways, take the message for what it’s worth. We have breached the hold. The containments and programs that were put in place in an attempt to press forward a larger “escape time” for certain someone’s will continue to be adjusted with a bit more ease now as certain other conditions have been met. We are coming out and as our resonance expands outside of this containment field, many, many are going to start remembering. There is no going back. The efforts made to stop it have not succeeded. You are coming back to the Light.

It will not be the case that some are going to be allowed to continue existing in the black hole playing out victim, savior, nihilist roles due to some misconstrued understanding of free will. The entire planet and all it’s varied dimensional separations will be fully unobscured. There will be no place to hide although the full movement is still ongoing. You actually need to prepare now. The prophecies and warnings are simply not going to do justice to the truth of this. While your money may buy you security on planet earth from your crimes against humanity, you don’t buy your way out of Galactic and Universal Law and those crimes will be answered for because karma is also physics.

You will continue to and many have been receiving extensive assistance with restoring stolen or altered DNA, resources, and knowledge. These are still primarily accessed through some minor testing to ensure highest good and return to balance and love and more than anything to make sure the recipients will not cause harm. This is not some control freak move anymore than making sure your kids eat their vegetables and don’t secretly plan to shoot their classmates is a control freak move. The technologies that can be made available to help you are not ones that can be placed into the hands of nihilists. They are utilized primarily through consciousness. Help each other heal. Restore common decency. Do this widely. Just pretend everyone knows your secrets, cause deep down, they do. And we all know it, we just pretend we don’t cause who the fuck wants to be that level of naked. The Light also comes with love, the love makes the knowing bearable, the Light lets us know we are all in this together and that is the weird ass gift of being us. A God in a million and one pieces.


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